1. So I decided to start a thread for the Fall 2018. Any current/prospective student on here? What GPA did you have when you applied and how competitive is the selection process? If you don't mind sharing your work experience and GRE score, that will be awesome. For those who are enrolled, do you mind sharing your experience?
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  3. by   AFutureNP
    I've applied for the Summer 2018 cohort. I submitted my application in July. I'm applying with a Bachelor's in an unrelated field with a GPA of 3.65. My pre-requisite GPA is 3.31. I didn't have to take the GRE because it was waived for my undergrad GPA.

    I'm not sure how competitive the selection process is, but my guess is that it's very selective. From my understanding, it's a large pool of qualified applicants with a relatively small number of openings.
  4. by   PEDSNURSE2NP
    I submit an application for Pediatric Acute/Primary Care MSN program. BSN gpa of 3.605. Did not submit GRE as I am hoping it will be waived. I've been practicing as an RN since 2014. First in CV Surgery PCU (1.5 years) & then the PICU (current).
  5. by   Mjc2005
    I applied for the Summer 2018 cohort as well. GPA is 3.50, but that doesn't include some of my pre-requisites as they were taken at a different school. Anyone know when they tell you the GRE will be waived?
  6. by   HMorenoT
    Hi everyone! I am applying for the ABSN+MSN program, in the Women's Health Nurse Practitioner specialty tract. I submitted my application and am just waiting for my all of my transcripts to arrive..I can see on the portal that all but one have been received! I visited the school earlier this month and took the tour - last year they said they received around 3,000 applications for a little over 90 spots. Very competitive! And such a wonderful program Good luck to us all!
  7. by   Scrubs&Pearls
    I noticed on the 2017 cohort page that people started finding out about acceptances around September 15, 2016. Does anyone think we might hear anything that soon?
  8. by   PEDSNURSE2NP
    I only have a few red x's left on my application but the bulk of it (transcripts, resume, LOR, essay) have green marks. It would be awesome to know sooner rather than later!

    Also, I'm only applying to the MSN portion. Does anyone know if LORs are required? According to this link School of Nursing opens 218 application process | Emory University | Atlanta, GA they aren't. I have 2/3 LORs completed.
  9. by   nurseB_2NP
    Hey Everyone!

    I am excited to see that a thread has been started! I applied to Emory back in July and am still waiting for my initial review - I still have red "X's" for everything except my resume, PS, and pre-req form. For those of you that already have green marks when did you submit your applications and how long did it take for your stuff to turn green?

    Good luck everyone!
  10. by   HMorenoT
    I submitted my application on August 9th, and it took about 4 weeks for all transcripts to be received and processed. I now have green X's next to my transcripts, resume, PS, and pre-req form. Even though my transcripts have been received, I still have red X's next to the prerequisite courses listed. It might take a while longer to actually process and confirm the transcripts.
  11. by   Mjc2005
    I applied like right after the application went live, and i eventually just emailed them to confirm with them my pre-requisites were all set and they checked them off!
  12. by   Scrubs&Pearls
    I applied August 23. Within a week, the transcripts had been received. I just checked, and everything is checked off except for the prereqs that are in progress.
  13. by   rls2018
    Hey everyone! Also applying for the summer 2018 cohort. I applied in early July and my prereq's weren't checked off so I emailed them a couple days ago. I received this reply: "Prerequisites are typically checked off upon review and applications are reviewed in the order they are completed." However, they went ahead and checked off my prereq courses anyway. If you applied a while ago and are concerned about it, I'd just go ahead and email them! They were really nice about taking care of it quickly.
  14. by   nurseB_2NP
    Thank you for all of the info guys!

    I e-mailed them and they told me that my application was complete however nothing has been checked off. They did, however, waive my GRE requirement. I guess, I'll patiently wait to see if anything else happens within the upcoming weeks.