Did anyone apply for the 2017 Fall Nursing Program at Malcolm X?

  1. Trying to find out if anyone applied for the Nursing program at Malcolm X? What should I expect after applying?
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  3. by   devidarling
    I just finished my application! Looking over old threads, people in 2016 didn't get a response till July.
  4. by   kelders
    Hello, good luck! Hopefully we hear back sooner because last year the application deadline was in May.
  5. by   kelders
    I'm so nervous and anxious right now. I'm already looking for a response and registration hasn't close yet.
  6. by   devidarling
    Did you complete A&P and microbio? I am in microbio now and finished A&P a couple semesters ago.
  7. by   momo4950
    Gahhh, I just applied! I don't know why I felt so nervous filling out a pretty simple application. I hope the earlier deadline means less competition. I'm in micro233 and bio227 right now and hope not yet having them completed doesn't set me back. If you guys don’t mind me asking, what GPA and TEAS scores did you apply with? Mine GPA was 4.0 and Teas cumulative of 84%
  8. by   devidarling
    TEAS was 82%, GPA was 3.45. I have my associates in science but never completed microbio so I'm doing it now. You sound like a shoe in! Did you send in your high school transcripts as well? They asked for mine.
  9. by   kelders
    Hello, GPA 3.2, TEAS 81%. I already completed micro and bio 226 and 227. The Registrar Office sent me an email requesting my high school transcript. Hopefully that's a good sign.. fingers crossed!!! Good luck all!!
  10. by   momo4950
    You guys sound like you'll get in for sure! Before I even applied I was told to send my high school transcript to Malcolm X directly so they have the official documents in their registrar office. I also had to send all my transcripts from other colleges outside of CCC to Malcolm X, even though I had sent them to Kennedy-King a long time ago and were already in peoplesoft. I gues Malcolm X needs to have all physical documents for some reason. Good luck guys!
  11. by   momo4950
    Does anyone know if you can apply to both the LPN program and RN program? I was thinking of applying to the LPN program tonight just on the chance I don't get it.
  12. by   kelders
    I was thinking the same thing, so I contacted the Nursing department and I was told we can apply for both RN and LPN, so I'm doing so tonight when I get off work.
  13. by   mzlucky
    Man you guys have me so worried. My GPA is only 2.83 and I got a 79.3 on the TEAS well good luck to everyone todays the last day.
  14. by   kelders
    Good luck to you as well.