1. Hello nursing world! I'm looking to apply to the csula ABSN program for the summer of 2017 and I was wondering if anyone can provide any feedback about the program. I have set up appointments for information sessions and all that, but in the mean time if anyone can provide any info..that would be awesome!
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    I don't understand...
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    My husband is going to apply. I wonder what the average applicant stats are. Just curious how competitive the program is.
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    I was wondering the same thing haha best of luck to him, hopefully we both get in!
  7. by   berries11
    Hi, I am a student that finished the ABSN portion of the program. The director looks at everyone as a whole but good gpas, good teas test, and good experience would be advantageous. My undergrad GPA was at least 3.6, my science GPA 4.0, and my teas was in the high 90's for all subjects. I got my CNA license and right before the interview, I got hired at a hospital as a CNA.

    I know there were students in my class that didn't do as well in their undergrad or their science GPA but they got accepted and pass the program. My advice would be to apply everywhere and anywhere you can to get your BSN. Once you have your BSN and RN license, it doesn't make a big difference which school you graduate from. Good luck!