CCAC Spring 2018 Hopefuls

  1. I wanted to start a thread for those of us who have applied, and are anxious waiting to find out if we got in. I can hardly think of anything else!

    Let's talk!
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  3. by   b_renee
    Do you know when we'll find out?
  4. by   fiskaroo
    I don't know! I'm paranoid that I forgot something in the application process. I hate that there isn't a good way to make sure they actually have everything. :-/
  5. by   ARECKnurse2b
    Same boat!!! I assume the acceptance letter will be mailed by November-December so we can apply for Spring.
  6. by   ARECKnurse2b
    BTW- you can email '' to make sure they received your application and that nothing was missing.
  7. by   panash17
    I think it will probably be before December because if you are accepted there are clearances and drug test that need to be completed. So hopefully we hear something in Sept/Oct. Good Luck to you all!!!!!
  8. by   fiskaroo
    I found out that they are sending out letters in the second week of September!

    Fingers crossed!
  9. by   jamesda
    I can confirm the information in fiskaroo's last post. I sent an e-mail to the admissions department yesterday to confirm that they received all my application materials and I got an e-mail response this morning (Sat, 9/9) from them saying that they have everything and will notify me of their decision within the next week or two.
  10. by   kskel07
    Has anyone heard yet? I was told letters would be out by mid September.
  11. by   jamesda
    I haven't gotten a response yet. I'll put a post on this thread as soon as I get one, whatever the response happens to be.
  12. by   Marastock
    Anxiously awaiting here too!

    I'm trying to keep cool and expect bad news. I don't have all my developmental courses done and I was warned to expect not to get in without all of my sciences, psych, and English done. I did get an A in A&P 1 which is my only extra on my application. That A is my proudest accomplishment. 😜 Anyone else take Reznik for A&P 1 at Allegheny campus?

    If I don't get into CCAC's program, I'm looking into other programs. Anyone else applying other places?
  13. by   t_gnan
    Hi! I applied for the fast track lpn-rn program at Boyce, anyone else? Did anyone get a letter yet? I cant take the suspense! Lol.
  14. by   rory.pgh
    UGH still waiting! I had e-mailed Amber Reed last month who also told me that we should expect our letters mid September. I applied before the priority deadline in August, so fingers crossed I get in! Although, I am worried because even though I already have a bachelor's in psych, I don't have microbiology or A&P 2 completed yet. We shall see!!