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Hey all, just wondering who is applying to the Spring cohort at CSUSM. I actually applied to Fall and was accepted but had to defer to get better situated for the move. It worked out too because this... Read More

  1. by   kalduenda
    Hi everyone,
    I applied for Spring 2019 as soon as the application became available online. I've been checking multiple times a day to see if I have been accepted. Does anyone know how we are notified of acceptance into the program? Are we just notified via the My CSUSM webpage or do we receive an email or letter in the mail? My total point count was 39 and I read in one of the posts that they were starting to send out acceptances beginning the first week of September. Has anyone received an acceptance notification yet?
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  2. by   inkabruce
    @kalduenda hey, yea this all can be pretty nerve wrecking. So I applied for fall originally and was accepted but deferred to spring for a couple reasons. With fall acceptances the student center changed first then the day after I got the email. It sounds like your in a good spot so I wouldn't worry too much, but I know how it goes.

    A few people mentioned as of this week they did not have evaluations yet and that CSUSM told them they plan to have those completed by next week. So hopefully they get that done then get out acceptances by next week or the following. Good luck!
  3. by   kalduenda
    Thanks @inkabruce. Hopefully I'll be seeing you this Spring!
  4. by   Kevin11
    Hey all!

    Just got a duplicate of my application confirmation email from the el office. Anyone else get it?
  5. by   kayloo
    I did too!
  6. by   kalduenda
    I got that email too. I thought it was the acceptance notification!
  7. by   Kevin11
    Same! So mean haha.
  8. by   kevin3500
    I got an email from the el office too, but I think the letter is different than the one before since it has student ID in it.
  9. by   ntn027
    So the acceptance letters are out now?
  10. by   IE_TACOMA94
    No acceptances yet..

    They just sent a redundant email to access the "MyCUSM" page to check on to-do list items and status of the application.

    Hopefully acceptances will go out by the end of this week!!
  11. by   JamesMCarroll
    I just received my eval with 31 points. I know it is a bit on the low side but I'm hopeful for an acceptance. Does anyone know when we will find out about acceptances/denials?
  12. by   Kevin11
    Emailed them this morning about it and they responded:


    For Spring 2019, Decisions will potentially go out in the next coming weeks.

    Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    Best Regards,


    Uhhh, thanks?
  13. by   Sarah118
    I'm still waiting for my point eval and its driving me crazy! How long ago did you apply? Just wondering how long it has been taking them to evaluate each student...