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Hey all, just wondering who is applying to the Spring cohort at CSUSM. I actually applied to Fall and was accepted but had to defer to get better situated for the move. It worked out too because this is the cohort that is at the main campus, which I greatly prefer.

I live in Los Angeles now so looking forward to life in a beach town, even though we'll be studying non stop haha. If anyone has any questions about the application process let me know. I had 36 points so should be good, but am considering retaking the TEAs exam.

Hey Bruce, I tried getting in for Fall, but I was finishing my Chemistry prerequisite, so there were only a couple of spots left by the time CSUSM received my transcript--guess I will be rolling over for Spring! My main priority was getting in ASAP, but after some reflection, I really do like the idea of being on the main campus, especially because it is San Marcos. I am hoping for some future beach trips!

Hi can you clarify the Chem prerequisite? It says Ochem and Biochem, so is this an integrated course? Will a Gen Chem, O Chem and Biochem integrated course be equivalent? Thanks!

Hi rroxoxobr, yes, they accept a chemistry course that covers those three parts of chemistry. My class was "Introduction to General, Organic And Biochemistry."

Yea I hear ya with starting as early as possible but I'm happy with how its all working out. Are you already local to the area? I'm excited to be able to explore San Diego a lot more now. Have a couple friends from high school and undergrad out there already too which helps.

I'm sure organizing beach outings with the cohort won't be difficult to arrange as finals week passes!

I'm in the East Bay (born and raised). I applied to CSUSM as one of my back up schools for CSU East Bay. I have no idea what living in San Diego area is like. I'm sure I'd love it if I got in. I'm applying with 38 points.

I just called and they said organic and/or general chem is okay

Exactly, I have found that things always change or "go wrong", it is easier to just have a plan, stick to it, and try to forget the stress. Obstacles are a part of life and will occur, but keeping a positive perspective helps! At the moment I am not local, I am living in the Inland Empire, and I may have to commute the first semester, either from here to campus or from Los Angeles to campus (oh those obstacles)!

And yes, if all goes well, we can definitely plan some trips. I am considering retaking my TEAS, in hopes to get a score of 34/35. Hopefully that will get me in for Spring.

I will be applying soon-ish, but unfortunately my last pre-req (public speaking) won't be done until December so I probably won't make the Spring cohort. I would like to, though! Does anyone know what the schedule is like for the first semester? Like how many days per week and hours? I'll just need to take the Anthro and Ethics, as I have Intro to Nutrition already.

I am submitting my application soon!! :) Just waiting to take the TEAS in a few days and hoping for the best.

How long did you study for the TEAs exam? and if you don't mind me asking, how well did you do? I'm about to take mine in a few days and I'm getting really nervous lol

@mleiaa I think it all depends person to person, but unless you're a really good test taker or are still in class mode/just finishing up, I would spend a couple months preparing. Personally, my undergrad gpa is what was holding me back with a lot of apps but fortunately with CSUSM my TEAs score helped a lot and the undergrad gpa includes post undergrad work like our prerequisites! I scored in the 99th percentile - 92.7 score total, which is fairly common it seems like. I would just say take a practice exam early and work on what your weakest score is.

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