Baton Rouge Community College Spring 18

  1. This is a forum for students planning to apply to BRCC in Spring 18' for acceptance into the Fall 18' or Spring 19' semester. I'm just looking to get to know fellow prospects and/or future classmates. Anyone that wants to discuss comments/concerns about BRCC's Nursing Program.
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  3. by   MoosMom
    Hi.. I too am looking to apply in Spring 18' at BRCC. Knowing how competitive it is, is a bit unnerving, but I'm doing my best.
  4. by   Nurse2Be20
    Hi MoosMom! Finally, someone to talk to. I'm trying really hard as well. Is this your first time applying? Have you ever been to the group advising sessions? They actually took a student with a 2.9 gpa last semester, but she did really well on her HESI. I'm hoping to go in with a 3.44 gpa.
  5. by   MoosMom
    Yay! It does feel nice to talk to someone about this process. I went to an advising session before, but it was some time ago. The Hesi is definitely a significant factor. From the meeting & just reading & talking to a few people it really seems that it depends on the pool of folks applying at the time. Its a numbers game of sorts. A 3.4 is a solid gpa. I don't know what mine will be being I'm in the process of still taking the courses to apply. However, realistically I see me in that range; math kills me! I've heard conflicting statements about taking the Hesi though.. someone said you could only take it once a year while someone else said twice a year. What's your understanding?
  6. by   Nurse2Be20
    Ms. Christin Dillion said its 50% HESI, 40% GPA, & 10% classes taken at BRCC. I hope my GPA is solid enough to push me through, if I make a good score on the HESI. You can take the HESI once per application cycle (a total of 2 times, once per year). This is my second time applying because I failed the BIOL part because I studied for A & P instead of Gen. its a must that I do well on the second go round because if you don't then you can't apply to BRCC's program. I'm not a math person either, I really despise the subject lol. I wish that they gave you at least two chances to take the HESI, but I guess that's why it holds more weight than anything else, because its a deciding factor.
  7. by   Nurse2Be20
    I hope that we both get in. That would be AWESOME!!!
  8. by   MoosMom
    I know it's scary being your 2nd time around, however, there's some positives: You have experience taking the test, there's nothing like being familiar with how a test is constructed & two you now know exactly what to focus on so no worries about mixing up study areas. You Got this (smile)! Yes it would be AWESOME if we both get in. I sure hope so!! Thanks for the clarification on the Hesi.
  9. by   Nursls21
    Hi, i just got out of a meeting with Christin Dillion. I fell so unprepared...probably because I am. I have been focusing on the wrong courses. My nursing Composite GPA is 3.0... yikes. I thought I would be applying next year because I wasnt going to be finished A&P 1 and 2. I also had another nursing school in mind but decided to go with BRCC recently. I just heard about the HESI! I ordered 3 books off of Amazon and I am planning to take a light load next semester to study. Go see Dillion before hand! Don't be like me! If I keep my current grades and make A in A&P, which seems impossible from what I heard I will have 3.4.I know 75 is required for all parts of HESI, very nervous about math section! How are yall studying? Sorry for the length so excited to see this thread
  10. by   Nurse2Be20
    Hi, I met with Ms. Dillion and I've been to the group advising session also. Don't panic, I know its nerve wrecking, but don't let it get the best of you. Its not impossible to make an A in A&P its just a lot of information so you have to study. I'm also applying with a 3.4 so I hope with a good HESI score that'll get me in. The HESI is not hard, but its a lot of stuff that you learned in grade school so you just have to brush up on it. The math section is a lot of ratio and proportion so if you can master that skill you'll be fine. Yes you have to make a 75 in each section, I messed up because I failed the BIOL portion of the test. Don't give up, you'll be fine. Think positivity! =)
  11. by   Nurse2Be20
    Your right MoosMom. That's a great way for me to approach the situation. Thanks a bunch =)
  12. by   MoosMom
    Welcome Nursls21. I haven't started studying for the HESI so I don't really have any advice. Most people I've spoken to have said that it's not a hard test, so that's encouraging. A&P requires time. Its definitely not considered an "easy" course to most. However, I believe that an A is possible. Even if I don't make an A myself. lol. Be encouraged.. and let us know if those HESI materials seem like a good buy.
  13. by   MoosMom
    Your welcome... You are going to do great!
    As I've commented, I hadn't even started to prepare. I'm just trying to make it thru the semester.
  14. by   msjill84
    HI, I'm interested in the LPN to RN bridge program at BRCC, I'm currently a student at SLCC. I have all non nursing classes needed. I have a 3.8 GPA, I haven't taken the HESI yet. Does anyone have an information on this program or the two classes you have to test out of.