APU ELM Fall 2018

  1. Hello Everyone

    I am looking to apply for the Fall 2018 ELM program at APU. I'll be done with my bachelors early 2018 and finishing up Organic Chemistry before I submit my application. I'm making this post to see where other people are at looking to apply and we all can help each other out if needed. Good luck to everyone
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  3. by   cvnursing
    Hi there!

    I'm also applying for Fall 2018! I just graduated this past May, and I'm currently in the process of finishing up my prereqs! How is the application process going for you?
  4. by   feliciarose56
    I'm finishing up Organic Chemistry at UNE. The application process has been smooth so far me, how about you?
  5. by   cvnursing
    I too am finishing up OChem, along with Micro and a couple random prereqs needed by other schools. It's been pretty good so far, I'm still getting everything ready before I send in my application. Are you applying to any other programs?
  6. by   feliciarose56
    I was looking at University of San Diego but they require 100 hours of volunteer work at a hospital which I currently don't have.. I might look into BSN programs if I don't get accepted into this, I like how you are able to get your BSN, start working and automatically start your MSN without having to deal with applications or anything like that. What about you?
  7. by   NursingSanDiego
    I also have issues with lack of volunteer or work experience in health care... Do you know if this is a complete drawback?
  8. by   FutureRN3377
    I submit my application on 08/29 and I am anxiously waiting does anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back???
  9. by   cvnursing
    I'm applying to USD as well, i'm currently working as a medical scribe/medical assistant, and I spoke to someone there who said those hours will suffice. I'll also be applying to Samuel Merritt as well. I'm in kind of a pickle in terms of how strong my application is, my stats aren't the best, so I'll have to see.

    @FutureRN3377 I heard they start reaching out a month after the deadline.
  10. by   CaliNurse2bee
    I am applying to the San Diego location!
  11. by   NursingSanDiego
    Hi! Wow, everyone is so early on applications! For me, I am waiting to start volunteering to ask for recommendation letter from a nurse before turning in my application. Does anyone know if the interviews or acceptance is first come first serve?
  12. by   doctav
    hi everyone ! I almost complete with my application for fall 2018, but I'm missing my letter to the dean. I have written it over so many times, I just can't seem to fit in everything I want to say. Could any of you give some pointers on how you approached the letter to the dean? For example, did you choose to go directly into your academic and professional goals or did you happen to give more of a background of why you chose nursing? Also, what format did you guys follow APA, did you double space, include deans address on top, etc.. ? Thanks guys any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. by   CaliNurse2bee
    I am also having a hard time fitting in everything I want to say in my letter to the dean. I didn't use any particular format. Just 2 page double spaced.
  14. by   doctav
    Hey guys! just had a quick question for anyone who's submitted their application already. Did you include a full resume including work experience not related to the medical field? I ask because I have never worked in a hospital, but was considering of describing my various volunteer experience as a statement of experience or brief resume? Thanks