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I am an LPN (obviously) and I am trying to figure out which online scholl to go with for my Associate RN. I am thinking of Excelsior or The College Network. I have been to both sites, and talked to recruiters, but I am wondering if anyone out there is enrolled in one of these schools or can explain the differences between them.


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Ensure that your state accepts these programs first before committing.


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Welcome to allnurses! :balloons: We're glad you're here!

Please be aware that The College Network is not a school, it is a publishing company that sells you materials to help you get through the available on-line nursing programs. There are lots of threads on this forum about The College Network and folks' experiences (both good and bad) with them; it would be well worth your time to find and review them.

Also, please be aware that, if you decide to go with TCN, you'll be signing a legally binding contract that you'll not be able to get out of if you are unhappy with their services or simply change your mind and decide you don't need their help after all.

Please research and think carefully before making a decision.

There is tons of information here available to you! Best wishes!


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Than you for the info. It is much appreciated.

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