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What if you are an RN who wants to attain a graduate degree in nursing, but you have no interest in becoming an educator or nurse manager? Are you looking for a convenient online MSN program with concentrations other than nursing education or leadership / management? West Texas A&M University's online MSN program has multiple specialty areas that might pique your interest. Nursing Students School Programs Article


Online MSN Program - West Texas A&M University

Are you a registered nurse who wishes to further your education by earning a graduate degree in nursing? Numerous colleges and universities offer online MSN degree programs with specialty areas in nursing education and leadership / management. Furthermore, multiple schools in the United States offer several types of advanced practice nursing programs for professionals who are interested in becoming nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives.

However, a number of RNs want to earn the MSN degree, but have absolutely no interest in becoming educators, managers or advanced practice registered nurses. What if you want to pursue higher education in nursing by studying a specialty area other than nursing education or leadership / management? What if you do not want to become an APRN? Nurses who want to earn a graduate degree with a focus area other than nursing education or leadership / management may wish to look closely into the comprehensive MSN program that West Texas A&M University offers.

West Texas A&M University's comprehensive MSN program is offered completely online to meet the unique needs of busy professionals across the US.

Select from one of thirteen exciting specialty areas

  1. Nursing Informatics - specialty that blends the fields of computer science, nursing and information technology all into one
  2. Quality Improvement - specialty comprised of continual processes that result in improvement of healthcare services
  3. Case Management - specialty that involves collaborative coordination of services and options to assist in meeting the patient's needs
  4. Utilization Management - determination of medical necessity of healthcare services by health insurance companies
  5. Clinical Coordinator - nurse leader who works collaboratively to facilitate the provision of nursing care services
  6. Holistic Nursing - specialty that promotes nursing care of the patient as a whole through nourishment of the mind, body and spirit
  7. Patient / Unit Educator - professional who devises, maintains and improves clinical and educational skills of unit nursing staff
  8. Nursing Management - process of influencing a healthcare organization and its members to achieve desirable results
  9. School Nursing - specialty that promotes the health, advancement and well-being of students in a school setting
  10. Community Nursing - specialty that promotes the health and well-being of patients in various community settings
  11. Instructor, School of Nursing - professional who formulates curricula, plans lessons and teaches student nurses
  12. Patient Advocate - professional who advocates for the varying healthcare needs of patients in a healthcare setting
  13. Clinical Specializations (pediatric, gerontologic, acute care, etc.)

In addition to the comprehensive MSN completion program for applicants who already possess the bachelor of science degree in nursing, West Texas A&M University also offers an accelerated RN-to-MSN bridge program for nurses with previously-earned associate degrees in nursing who wish to attain graduate level education sooner rather than later.

So if you want to earn a MSN degree by studying a specialty area other than nursing education or leadership / management, the online comprehensive MSN degree program at West Texas A&M University might meet your special needs. On the other hand, what if you do want to become an APRN? West Texas A&M University also offers a hybrid Family Nurse Practitioner MSN program for those who want to be FNPs someday.


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