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Online College Chemistry with Lab

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Does anyone know of an Online Chem with online lab? This class is the last pre-req I need for a RN to BSN program. I am a full time working RN and can't get time off for an in person lab. I've searched the internet high and low and haven't found a class that fits the bill. Thanks in advance!

There are no online Science labs offered, even if there were no school would accept them. One option you can consider is to take the CLEP exam for Chemistry. You would have to see if the school you want to attend will accept CLEP credit. It would give count for your theory and lab. If you can manage to have the same day of the week off, you can take the online lecture for Chemistry at Baltimore City Community College with lab one day a week for 3 or 4 hours. That's what I did for A&P I and II.


Has 4 years experience.

There are no online Science labs offered, even if there were no school would accept them.

Actually, University of Maryland School of Nursing does accept online chemistry (with online lab) for the RN to BSN program. Several admissions representatives confirmed this for me. They told me that if I could find one, they would allow credit. The understanding is that online classes work better for full-time nurses.

I may just have to do a blended version like you mentioned. However I am a new grad ADN nurse and getting time off for labs during my orientation period might be impossible. Hopefully there is another way!

The University of New England has online inorganic, organic, and biochem courses with online/at home labs. This is through their post bacc premed program. Pricey, but accepted at medical, nursing, pharmacy, and dental schools. Open entry, open exit. Work at your own pace.

University of Texas at Arlington offers an online chemistry class. It was awesome. In addition to the recorded lectures by the professor, you have homework and exams that are also submitted online. For the lab portion, you order a kit and do experiments in your own home. We had to take pictures of some of the steps of the experiments and results and would upload those to Blackboard. It is a full college credit and any university will accept it. I will be graduating with my BSN in May.

Hi I am also looking for a online chemistry course! Are the exams proctored?

And yeah lots of programs take online labs you just have to check!


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