Online classses (micro/a&p)



I would like appreciate any feedback from those who have taken micro and a&p online.

where did you take courses?

was there labs involved?

is the fin aid available?

are credits transferrable?

please email me:

thank you


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I haven't taken it online but a friend of mine teaches anatomy and physiology (BIO201) at rio salado. (it's an online school) Anyway he says it's the hardest science to take online. Most of the students fail or drop out. As for Micro it is also really tough to do online. The classes still have labs, some have lab kits and some have the slides for labs online. Overall it's pretty hard to take either of thoes classes online. My brother in law who has a photographic memory and is pretty much as smart as they get took Micro in class and still had to study really hard for it. Online science may seem like the easy way, but you spend more time than you normally would studying and the tests are harder so thatpeople can't cheat. Hope this helps. I don't mean to be negative that has just been my experience with sciences and I know alot of people going for nursing who agree with this. Oh and financial aid is available through Rio Salado.


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I did Bio 201 & 202 at Rio and did very well... am in Micro right now. They are very hard classes, especially if you do it in an 8 week format ( I don't recommend it ), but they are a Community College and financial aide eligible. But you must take at least 6 credits, Micro is 4 and A&P is 4 as well.

I am currently in Micro right now. They all contain virtual labs you must do. It is a lot of Essay writing & the tests are pretty random and hard.


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I'm taking AP I thru Dallas Telecollege and it's pretty easy. Starting micro in the summer. AP is a traditional 16-week semester. The psych I just enrolled in is 7 weeks, kinda scared of that one.