Online BSN information, please.


I'm having trouble finding clear cut information on a BSN online. Is anyone currently taking/taken classes online? Can anyone recommend a program, or tell me about the pros and cons of Drexel and Phoenix, etc?

I'm having trouble finding out if there are grants or scholarships available as they would be with a local school.

Any information you can provide would be appreciated.


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I did the University of Phoenix BSN program and completed it in May 2004. You can indeed do the FAFSA (its online in fact) and find out what type of financial aid package you can put together. I liked the online format and I finished it in 18 months. You do have to be pretty disciplined to ensure that you sign on and do the assignments because it is very different than going to classes. However, for me (I worked night shift) it was well worth it. I'm finishing the MSN now.

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Are you alerady and RN? I'm attending Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences' RN to BSN program

It's NLN approved, and 100% online and I'm enjoying it. I'm just about to finish up my first semester. They have financial aid, the same as any other accredited school. They also have a regular campus, and are affliated with the 7th Day Adventist Church. I'm financing mine through college loans.

For me and my lifestyle, online is the only way to go! Good luck to you!

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You should check out the Distance Learning area on here. Threre are many threads about online BSN programs.

I'm assuming you are in Ohio from your profile. Wright State University in Dayton has a distance learning BSN program. Medical College of Ohio offers a RN-BSN program with the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. All of the theory classes are online. I talked to someone who said they only had to go to campus during the first and last week of the semester. The clinicals are done where you live. Good luck!


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You should check out the Distance Learning area on here. Threre are many threads about online BSN programs.

Thank you! I didn't even realize there was a distance learning area. Now I won't have to ask a bunch of dumb questions that have already been answered.

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