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One year in, need advice!

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Hello! I'm a second year nurse finishing up my first year in a level 3 NICU (first year spent on a med/surg floor). I LOVE working with infants and don't see myself doing anything else in nursing! However, I am finding that the NICU I work in is lacking in opportunities to care for critical babies. We rarely have vents, uv/ua lines, cooling cases, drips, surgical patients, etc. And when we do there are 5 nurses standing line to care for them (as the newbie, I'm at the back of that line). There doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm for teaching.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where I might find a great teaching hospital that will give me the opportunity to build my skill set. I am flexible and can go just about anywhere, though I prefer the west coast/east coast/northwest/southwest.

I feel fairly comfortable with intermediate care and continuing care infants, and I enjoy working with that population and their families, but my ultimate goal is to travel and I want to be sure I've got the confidence and skill to hit the ground running.

I would sure appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback anyone could offer! Thank you!

I would look into signing up for a travel nurse position! Pay Is grest and most of the time they pay for your housing and expenses too...also you get to experience a bunch of different areas. And if you find one you like you can stay there :)

I would look into a teaching hospital that has a level III or IV NICU such as a Children's Hospital. I would not recommend traveling if you don't have the experience taking care of sicker kids. Good Luck

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If you want to travel get level 3 experience, you will be expected to be able to take care of those kids with a very minimal orientation to the unit. Try to get into a University Hospital, and if you don't have a BSN, get one, it will make you more marketable. Good luck!

West Coast: UCLA's Level III/ IV NICU is top notch

East Coast: Georgetown University Hospital-level III NICU

or try the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

All three are awesome teaching hospitals. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.