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One year in...calling seasoned nurses

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So I graduated last year in May and have been working as a Cardiac/Telemetry nurse for almost a year now. I hate being static and and not making progress in terms of my knowledge base, but when I try to proactively seek out new information I get overwhelmed with all there is to know. I've met many nurses who seem as knowledgable as some doctors and others who literally do just enough to get by without hurting someone. I love my job currently but at some point I will move to the ICU or the ED and later maybe PACU or trauma,not entirely sure yet. I'd love some advice from seasoned nurses and the paths they took to get where they are. Maybe books or podcasts to read or listen to. Tips while working/on my days off. Or any advice really to become one of those nurses who seems to know it all! Thanks to anyone in advance!


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I'm actually experiencing the exact same thing. Currently in PCU/Tele, and will make a year on the job next month. Looking to make a move to the ER soon!

Time to start working toward a certification (med-surg or progressive care--if you aren't sure which, ask your manager or nurse educator whether you're eligible for progressive care). I think most of them require two years on the job, but you can start working on the materials now.


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Just bought the aacn essentials of critical care nursing, the other night so hopefully that will be sufficient for the time being. I'm definitely looking in to get the pccn cert whenever I'm eligible. Thanks for the advice!

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Totally agree with pursuing nationally recognized certifications... this is the most relevant pathway for clinical career development. It is a credential that is understood by all prospective US employers. Be aware that certification eligibility requirements vary quite a bit in terms of education & experience. Some certifications are BSN or MSN-only, some (such as CCRN) require specific clinical experience, while others such as CEN don't have any experience requirement.

Best wishes on your continued career growth.


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