7 down......one more to go, Yay!!!!


I took chronicity today and passed but I was very disappointed with my grade. Now, have LS3 to do next week then on to FCCA/CPNE club. I am told that the cutoff for the next FCCA is July 13th and the test period is July 27 - August 6th but don't know if I want to take that date since I will be out if the country at the end of the month. Will see what happens. Any suggestions for LS3 or FCCA?

BTW, has anyone ever successfully challenged EC exam grades? I think I will be challenging my Chronicity grade when the college re-opens on July 5th. I was devastated with the grade because the test was easy and I was very comfortable with my answer....shoot at least 20-30% of the exam questions came directly from the practice test!!! I'm so bummmed!!:mad:


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A pass is a pass!! You should be happy and give yourself a pat on the back for how far you have come. Excelsior is a tough road! Good Luck!


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yes, you are right! A pass is a pass, just wonder about the scoring system.......what IF!!!!


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A "C" gets you the degree!


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That's great! Congrats! :yeah:Way to go! I would challenge it if you feel you did better. In school students would challenge test grades so why not EC? It wouldn't hurt to try.


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Happy for you.... I still have 7 to go ..But I'm proud to have passed my first...:cheers:


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a pass is a pass.....congrats