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One C+ ruined everything

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I am a first year student at a private university in WA. It has been a dream of mine for almost eight years of becoming a nurse. However, my university's nursing program is super competitive and hard to get into. During my first semester of pre-reqs, I received a C+ in A&P and just this year my university changed their requirements for admission into the program. In the past you needed at least a C to be qualified to apply, and now you need to get a B- just to be eligible to apply. I was so close!

Now I am in a position where I may have to transfer to a different university, go to community college, change my major, or I can retake A&P but it would set me behind by a year and would be more expensive (my university is already super expensive). I love my school and don't want to leave but I also don't want to give up on my dreams. What should I do?

I understand your frustration, being so close! Would your school count A&P credit from a community college? If so, you could take just the one class at a community college this summer, get the B- and then apply to the nursing program.

I would repeat if that would make admission feasible. Take courses for a minor during the semester you are not in A&P.

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I agree with NurseLauraM. Are you able to retake A&P at a community college? It would be much cheaper that way and you could get that grade up. I know that A&P can be hard since its so much memorization. Put ALL your effort into it. If nursing is really where you want to be then an extra year is nothing in comparison to your career. You got this!