One AM college class + full time NOC position = possible?


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Hi all. I'm considering taking a single 4 credit college class with an attached lab this Spring semester (starts late January). Seems like the only available time frames are Tues/Thurs 0800-0920 with recitation 1100-1150 on Thurs OR Mon/Wed/Fri 1000-1050 with recitation 1100-1150 on Mon. The lab times vary.

I work night shift 1900-0700 three days a week, also every third weekend. We also have to work one Monday and one Friday every two week period. Tues/Thurs seems more feasible, but the classes being in the AM is tough. Actually the whole thing seems pretty impossible now that I'm trying to plan it, but I doubt this is completely unheard of.. especially in the nursing community

I was thinking maybe asking my manager if I can work just Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays where I'd take a midday nap between class and work on the days that overlap? Then for my weekends I'd go Tuesday/Friday/Saturday, followed by Sunday/Thursday/Friday or some combination like that. Looks like I'm putting myself on a path for self-destruction. I understand that it's a long shot, but if anybody has any similar stories or wisdom to impart to me I'd be very grateful. Thank you!


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It is not impossible. My sister did go to school while working full-time nights. In her favor, she was in her twenties, single, childless and lived near both school and work. She was able to get scheduled a lot of weekends at work, which gave more time for schoolwork during the week.

The biggest problem she had is that the dayshift could be very lax about getting to work on time. When they lollygag, it can make you late for classes.

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I had a few zombie classmates who did this over the years.

I would never do this.

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When I was fresh out of ADN school I was working 11-7 and tried to take some AM classes, so M-Th 0800-1000. Gave me plenty of time to sleep mind you since I didn't have to be to work until 2245. I just couldn't make myself go every single morning. I registered for like 4 different classes in three different Summer sessions and only ever finished one course.

20 years later I enrolled in online RN to BSN; that worked out WAY better. Besides the fact that I am now working three 12s a week, I can dedicate certain hours when I am most alert to school.