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  1. Hello my fellow oncology nurses! I took my OCN exam this past week ... and I PASSED! If there is anyone out there who's preparing for their exam looking for direction or insight, here it is!

    • OCN EXAM BLUEPRINT .. I had a copy EVERYWHERE! In my binder, on my desk, on my wall directly in front of my desk, and my fridge I used this to study faithfully!
    • Core Curriculum Textbook and Study Guide (Purple Book) .. I went section by section in the textbook and then answered the questions in the study guide book. There were A LOT of select-all-that-apply questions in the study guide, there WERE NONE on the OCN exam. Honestly, I did not like the textbook but I sucked it up and used it.
    • OCN SECRETS book ... I ordered this book from Amazon. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
    • OCN Practice Questions book from Amazon .. this booklet had two 165-question tests with GREAT rationales! Get this, thank me later!
    • ONCC Practice tests A, B, and C ... I purchased the bundle from the website and used these practice test two days before the OCN exam. Really close to the structure of the OCN exam itself!
    • I attended a 2-day OCN Review and a 2-day Chemo/Bio therapy class about three months apart.

    THE OCN EXAM ... (of course, I can't give too much information/questions away)

    • First thing first, the security clearance is kind of ... extreme!
    • Honestly, I WAS NOT prepared to take a 165-question test (I was lucky to have 90-ish on NCLEX)! I was only taking 50 practice questions at a time to prepare for this exam (bad idea, PREPARE YOURSELF)!
    • You can mark questions and return to them later, this is good and bad. I nearly marked 80 questions ... and honestly I only changed 5 answers among that 80.
    • KNOW YOUR MEDS! KNOW YOUR MEDS! Does this sound familiar from NCLEX? Yea, KNOW YOUR MEDS! Many of the meds were fairly "frequently used" .. maybe 2 I hadn't seen before! of course, generic names
    • It seemed like there was a question from every sub-category of the divided sections on the blueprint. LOOK AT YOUR BLUEPRINT
    • I finished my test in about 1.5 hours so I was convinced I failed. After clicking submit my score DID NOT pop up so of course I was panicky because I thought I would see the screen thankfully, after sitting to get the print out ... I PASSED!

    Screening, Carcinogenesis, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Symptom Management, Oncological Emergencies, Psych, professional .... IT'S ALL THERE! Don't think "oh I won't get any of that" YES, yes you will! I was sure I wouldn't get any clinical trials ... yea right! I was wrong! ANC
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    Thank you for your insight.
  4. by   4boysmama

    where did you take the chemo/bio 2 day class?
  5. by   busybee04
    How long did you study for?
  6. by   Bev9173
    Where do u get the blue print for exam you mentioned? Where did you find practice tests? Did you study more content than questions?
  7. by   sporush
    I'm testing in a few days and did not purchase the extra ONCC questions. Do you think I should?
  8. by   Lukehoova1979
    Have you passed your test yet?
  9. by   Swellz
    I'm about to start torturing myself with this.. is anyone else?
  10. by   DowntheRiver
    Quote from Swellz
    I'm about to start torturing myself with this.. is anyone else?
    Yeah, me!
  11. by   khausig
    Thanks for your suggestions. Like you, I dislike the purple "core curriculum" and all the select all that apple questions the the study guide. My colleagues that have taken the exam said they used a CD with lots of practice questions, but none of them can produce this CD. Do you know if there is such a thing? I've googled everything I can think of and can't find ANY electronic resources like this.

    Good of luck to everyone studying! I'm so intimidated by this test.