interested in oncology pediatric nursing

  1. Hey, I'm still in high school but I am exploring possibilites of becoming a oncology pediatrics nurse. I can hardly find any information on this topic. I can't even find a college that has a good program for it. Please if anyone one can help with any information on this it would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   WalMart_ADN
    don't look for a college program for pediatric oncologic wo'nt find one! you have to just get your RN degree first, most nursing schools don't have specialities. You will graduate from nursing school after having a wide range on clinical experiances, one of which may be oncologic, definately one of which will be pediatric. Good luck, hope this helps.
    **** I am just a nursing student, i graduate in May, this is how my program and most other ones work, i am SO sorry if this information is wrong, just trying to help!**********
  4. by   pedsoncology
    there is no such thing as going to a pediatric oncology school, that is a specialty area. But one of the best hospitals for that specialty area (oncology-pediatrics) is Loma Linda childrens hospital. Thats where I work, in the peds-oncology unit. matter of fact I am at work now. Well I love it here. I am a 24 year old male and wouldnt change this job for anything in the world. They have an awesome school here in Loma Linda,Ca. It has a great reputation, and we need nurses bad especially male nurses. My wife and I moved here about 6 months ago when I was hired. Well hope this helps. Steve
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    Wow Steve, someone who works at LLUMC! I went to school there at LLU and started my career on what was 5100 (Peds Hem/Onc) back in 1986. Who is the Hem/Onc doc now....Dr. Bedros by any chance? Any old timers left? I'm still working in Peds Hem/Onc here at Children's Hospital of Austin and loving it.
  6. by   pedsoncology
    yup still Dr. bedros. There are a few charge nurses still there
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    So who is still there? You can e-mail me...check my profile.
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    Originally posted by Agnus
    Distasnce learning is not a short cut. It is really tough. BUT IS DEFINATELY DOABLE. Please, check out Excelsior College. They are online. Here is a toll free # to get you started with some info. 1-888-647-2388. Excelsior College 7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5159. Excelsior formerly know as Regents College is a member of the University of the State of New York. They are fully accredited.

    I am attendiing to get my RN to BSN.

    Once enrolled you will be able to communicate with other students (you must be enrolled first). The support from their educators is great.

    I apologize if I am out of line mentioning school names with such enthusiasm. I am NOT paid or rewarded for endorsements I just wanted to answer the question that started the thread.
    A question..............First, I am WAY ahead of myself with this question, as I am just getting started on prereq's for ADN.
    Is an online course looked at the same as attending the actual college?
    Second, is this any less stressful to do while working fulltime?

    I will be working Saturdays only, while I attend our local college's RN program. My husband is supportive, and is planning on helping with the house and kids while I attend..........we have 5 at home now.
    But, once I finish, I will definitely have to be working fulltime.
    From all the various threads I have read here, as BSN looks like the best way to go, once I get the ADN. I am not looking to get into management, but I have noticed, for many RN positions, a BSN is either desired, or required.
    My ultimate goal, is to work in pediatrics, and , preferably, pediatric oncology.

    Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated.