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  1. I'm considering Oncology as a specialty, especially with peds... I was wondering if anyone could give me words of wisdom. What kind of personalities work in this area? How did you get there? How emotionally draining is it? What are the best hospitals to work at? Ect...

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  3. by   sayrah_85
    empathetic rather than sympathetic..... I think its best to work in hospices if u want to xprerience such emotionally draining exprerience... BESTest Luck!
  4. by   RN007
    I believe one of our moderators, janfrn, used to be a pediatric oncology nurse. You might send her a message:


    I am scheduled to graduate in May and am currently working on an oncology floor as a student nurse associate. I love it but feel I was called to serve in oncology. I've had many people tell me they couldn't do it. I agree it's challenging and not for everyone ...
  5. by   Sailingshoes
    I don't know about peds but I will say that the nicest people get cancer. That's why it can be difficlut and rewarding at the same time.
  6. by   RN007
    And their families appreciate everything you do ...
  7. by   RNOCN2311
    In my experience you will find a wide array of people types working in oncology, but one thing is common is being friendly. Oncology patients are one of the the most appreciative (not all, but most) and they shower their nurses with love and if your not comfortable with other's giving such kindness you'd have trouble there. I've not done peds, but in my adult practice it's emotionally draining if you want it to be. It's a healthy distance that gets me by. There are patients that remind me of family member, those are the hardest for me. Sadly, and not to sound cold, but by the time a patient with cancer dies it's almost a blessings that their suffering is over. It's the helping them through the journey that is the most rewarding.