Experimental chemo for recurrent lung cancer?

  1. After 4 years of remission of NSCLC, I have just been diagnosed with a recurrence in my upper right lobe and midchest. Will be starting in a research study of a new drug ( Epithilone Analog ),and am curious if anyone has had a patient who failed the first line of platinum based chemo and has been put on this drug or any other experimental drug. Would like to especially know if the patient went into remission---as this, of course, is my primary goal (to beat this return after all this time). Would appreciate any input. Thanks
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  3. by   renerian
    First of all former let me tell you I am sorry about your recurrent non non small cell lung cancer. I have not worked hem/onc for some time to give you accurate information.

    good luck with your treatment and God Bless,

  4. by   renerian
    Former sorry for the typo on the previous post. When do you have your first treatment...........................\

    Can you search on line maybe at cleve clinic or NIH for clinical trail information?

  5. by   kids
    My Mom was dx with NSCLC in Febuary.

    When it was finally dx'd she had several large tumors, including 1 that was pressing on her esophagis, in the 6 days between biopsy and the first cycle of chemo she lost the ability to swallow solid foods and began choking on thin liquids). She had cis-platin and VP16 3 days in a row Q 4 weeks, her WBCs didn't come back up fast enough to do it Q 3 weeks as originally planned. CT after 2 cycles showed 75% reduction in size, CT after 4 cycles was totally clear. She was in remission for 4 months, last CT showed enlarge lymph nodes with no identifiable cause...in the same nodes that had had Ca. Mom had serious S/E to chemo...confusion that never fully resolved until 2 months after the last cycle and neuropathy that has gotten worse in the past 4 months. Her Onc has retired and she is now assigned to one we have both worked around for 10 & 20 years and really trust. Because of the S/E he is giving her carbo-platin and Taxol week 1, followed by Taxol only weeks 2&3 then 1 week off. The side effects have been limited to diarrhea from the Taxol and has been manageable with Immodiun. She worked 11 hours the day after her first doses and is working part time 16-24 hrs/week as an RN. Amazing difference, hell, I thought she was going to die or at least end up in a nursing home last time.

    Anyway (my point) from the reading I have done and discussion with and information from both of Mom's Oncs is that NSCLC is not "curable", the goal is remission with the responses to chemo & radiation, the stage and the persons age being the statistical determiners in how long the remission will last-in Mom's case (staged as 'extensive', strong response to chemo, 72 yo, only co-morbidity asthma) it was 50% at 1 year, 30% at 2 years and <5% at 5 years. The platinum chemo drugs are the first line approach for NSCLC so a failure is when they do not work. It is not a failure when remission ends.

    Mom's Onc is affiliated with OHSU. The plan for her is to get her cleared back up with the chemo and then enroll her in one of the suppresive clinical trials. One potential, if the Taxol works will be Q month doses of it. All of the trials currently being done in our area are aimed at prolonging remission.

    I hope this helped some.

  6. by   formernurse
    renerian, thanks so much for your kind thoughts. Fortunately, I am able to have my care at one of the best teaching hospitals in the southeast; so, I feel confident that the clinical trial I'm in, and will be starting on Monday (9/30) will put me in remission again.

    kids-are-fun, my first chemo, 4 years ago, was Taxol/Carboplatin and high dose radiation. It worked very well and got me through those 4 years. As I said above, I am very fortunate to have a choice of clinical studies, b/c they do alot of studies for lung cancer in this hospital. Am confident that I will be in remission soon. Now it will be just wait and see. Thanks for your info. too. It was very helpful.
  7. by   formernurse
    kids-r-fun, Just checking in to see how your Mom is doing at this time. I have had 4 cycles of the experimental drug, and am feeling better lately. Will be having another CT Scan next week to see if their has been any changes. Boy, I sure hope so. My birthday is next Friday, and that will be the best present I could ask for. Will remember your Mom in prayers that her treatments will be successful.