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How do you handle when a staff member calls in for their "call back" shift?  Do you keep some type of hit list rotation?

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Both hospitals I've worked at had a rotating list. If there was a call slot that needed filled and there were no volunteers, then whoever happened to be at the top of the list was mandated to cover. However, most people when they see they're near the top of the list will volunteer to pick up a call shift that needs covered so they drop to the bottom of the list. Both created the list based on seniority (least senior staff mandated first). Both allow for volunteers who pick up call on a less than 24 hour notice to move to the bottom. Those who are mandated also move to the bottom of the list. Volunteering has the incentive of letting the staff essentially choose when to pick up over oops, sorry you have plans tonight but now you're on call if they wait until their turn to be mandated. I think in my current facility the entire two years I've been here only one shift was ever mandated.

Thank you for the Information.   I'll bring this idea back to the group!

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In the Bay Area ( Northern CA) here and everyone here wants to work extra as the Call back/ Overtime pay is insanely high so if a staff member who is on call, calls out, a text message goes out to everyone in the service line to offer them the call and inevitably its snatched up fast.

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 If there is a call out for an on call shift, a text goes out for a voluntary pick up of the shift.  If nobody picks it up, it will then go to the person who is working that day with the least seniority.  Then the person who got mandated goes to the bottom of the list.

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