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Hi all! I need some advice. I am currently a Hospice RN Case Manager. I work M-F with no call for the most part (though I do work 50-60 hrs/wk including charting time). I am considering applying for an on-call nurse position at a different hospice company. The position is 7 days on 7 days off. I will be taking call M-F 5p-8a and all weekend, but then be off for 7 days. Have any of you ever done both of these and if so, which would you recommend? I have to admit the 7 on 7 off sounds very appealing with three children and all. Help!

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I have not done it personally but have worked with nurses who very much enjoyed that sort of arrangement for reasons similar to your own.

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I do weekend call. 5pfriday til 8amonday..... our census is 60 in and around atlanta, ga

I have 160 pto hours/year. essentially 4 weeks off/yr. pay is good and i have a backup nurse and administrator on call if it gets crazy. We have great case managers that are sure to order meds so patients don't run out on the weekends.....I love my position, would never go back to m-f 9-5a imho.

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I work 7 on 7 off on call and have done so for a while. The week on can get long sometimes, but I love it. Although I have noticed the 7 days off seem to go by very quickly!! Also on my 7 on, I still have the daytime hours off and frequently get very few calls during the night, so it is like getting paid to sleep. It often makes me smile.

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