Old convictions, over 25 years ago



3 convictions for Disorderly Person in or around 1982

1 Plead guilty of misdemeanor use of marijuana in 1982. Judge took the case under advisement and dismissed it in 1983 but it still shows up in FBI checks.

2 convictions for driving while impaired in 1982

1 conviction of DWI in 1985

1 conviction of Reckless driving in 1990,plead down from a DWI

What can I say? I excessive partying was common in the early 80's and the one in 1990 was after a painful divorce. I know that doesn't mean much but I hope the clean record since 1990 will mean something.

I ran a manufacturing facility with about 30 employees for 10 years, was a machinist for a few years then an auto mechanic. I eventually became a manufacturing process engineer for years. All those jobs I found boring or was outsourced out of a job.

Recently worked for 3 years to care for an elderly man with alzheimers and copd. I lived in the home and it was on call 24/7 with not even 1 day off. The family loved me for the level of care I provided and I stayed until the end. From very active and lucid to total crazy, changing diapers and hand feeding. I even administered pic lines. I was paid little and it took a huge emotional toll watching a man I knew for years die a thousand mental deaths, My personal definition of alz.

Anyway a nurse friend of mine that I vented to often during that time said I was a natural and should be a nurse. After much reflection I decided that's what I should do.

I am 52 years old and dont have a lot of time to spend on going in the wrong field yet again.

With my criminal record and my age would getting an associates at the community college to be an RN, being approved by the BON and actually being being hired a waste of time? I know I can do it but will the powers to be allow it?

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You should probably place an anonymous call to your state's BON. Four DUIs is a lot but the elapsed time might work in your favor. I would assume if you got a license, they'd probably want to monitor you which means random UAs for 3 to 5 years, no drinking or drugs, mandatory AA meetings, and a stipulated license that severely narrows your job choices. But maybe not if you get a good lawyer and have a solid story.

Whether you want to be approaching 60 and end up doing a job that can be, effectively, manual labor...that's up to you.

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It's good that your offenses are old, but very bad that they span such a great length of time. If I were your age with your record and just starting out, I would probably look elsewhere. That being said, there are unlikely success stories out there.