What's so bad about Midwest City Regional Hospital?

  1. I have browsed a couple threads and have noticed more than a few people advising to stay away from mcrh or that they would never work there. But no one seems to really say why. I am supposed to be starting there soon as a tech/cna, so would like some more information. I just have not seen anything positive about that hospital, so maybe I missed something but please give me some detailed responses as to whats really going on up there? Thanks.
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  3. by   Miss Kitty00
    I would like to know this also.
  4. by   estursa
    To be honest, I think that some people are on a high horse because some of the other hospitals are newer and prettier. Plus, the new hospital is opening now and I am sure there will be plenty of hype. I grew up in OKC and when my grandfather had cancer MWC regional took excellent care of him. Also, my father has worked there for 12+ years, he is now in CCU. My step mother just accepted a position there yesterday and she is currently employed at one of the fancy northside hospitals. So, good luck with your new job and I say form your own opinions about it and make MWC into what you want it to be!
  5. by   OklaLPN
    Sorry..not on a "high" horse. Yes, there are newer hospitals, but, that is not the reason many nurses stay away from Midwest City. But, will refrain from publicly or privately, stating my reasons.

    Been there..,.done that

  6. by   estursa
    I appologize if I have stepped on any toes with my reply but I thought that this thread was asking for detailed responses on opinions about what is going on with MWC. I don't think that the person was asking for another response of "It's just not good, and I can't tell you exactly why." These are the kinds of responses that really don't help anyone except the person who needs to get something off their chest.

    Hmm...I guess it really does make you feel better to get things off your chest
  7. by   afineparadigm
    I thinkit's idiotic to say things like "Stay away, but I can't tell you why"...it's equivalent to saying "I have a secret, but I can't tell you"

    SO CHILDISH! How about say nothing at all!?!?
  8. by   luvche
    I worked there for a year (several years ago). I worked in an outpatient capacity. I never heard anything good from the patients about their inpatient experince. But they loved the outpatient care. I also can't speak for them if things have changed since then, but I found out precisely WHY insurance was so inexpensive for employees and familes: It was AWFUL. Never could get them to pay for ANY medication I was prescribed. Always had to go back to physician and get an alternative. They also did not cover birth control at all (HELLO!!! Cheaper for them to pay for pills than prenantal care and then well child appointments). I wrote a letter detailing the average costs of covering BC as opposed to not covering it (especially since a majority of nurses are female and the ones entering the field are of child bearing age) and asked for reply as to why it was not covered. Never received ANY ackowledgment or reply to my correspnence.
    I also just never flet like I fit in there. I felt like an outsider the whole time I worked there. Can't put my finger on why.
  9. by   dizzyheadspin
    I presume some of us are just too tired to delve further into the issues. I've met good and bad nurses from MWC. Stay away from there!!!