OU Traditional BSN 2014- Do any previous students have advise?

  1. I was accepted into the 2014 Fall BSN class at OU. After reading some blogs on here I'm getting nervous about out education. I read something that said we will not get much clinical time and most of our lectures will be online, and we are not allowed to ask questions if we do not understand something. Are there any previous students who might have some insight. Hopefully some positive news!!
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  3. by   RunBabyRN
    Look for more info online, any reviews. Start Googling!!
  4. by   blissfulnursing
    I'm right there with you. I was accepted for the traditional BSN 2014 program at the HSC. I've heard good and bad. Most of the bad, other than some of the comments on here, is about the size of all of OU's medical programs and that we are just a number. I'm trying to be optimistic. I am the only person out of all my friends to be accepted, so I am going to consider it a wonderful achievement and take it from there. I know several nurses that obtained their education from HSC. They do not seem to have a problem with employment. Also, if you are considering an advanced degree, a degree from OU will hold some weight in the application process.
    Good luck (to both of us)!
  5. by   clbrown84
    Thanks for the information!! I think it would be a great idea to form study groups early on! Congratulations on getting in! And yes good luck to both of us!!
  6. by   blissfulnursing
    I would love to do that. My schedule is tight because I'm married to a workaholic and have 2 small kids, but I've always made it work before. Honestly, I'm more concerned with nclex than the program itself.
    I live in Moore. Have you gotten your scrubs or books ordered yet?
  7. by   clbrown84
    I have two kids as well!! My husband also works all the time. Here's my email address clbrown84@gmail.com.i can email you my number if you email me.
  8. by   OklahomaState'13
    I'm in the ABSN program instead of the traditional program, so ours is a little different. We do have some of the same instructors though and they are all pretty helpful and that is definitely not true about asking questions. We took one class with the traditional juniors this past semester and many many questions were asked! Haha. I'm not sure as far as the online classes go. This is a total guess, but I'm guessing that isn't true. Generally, we have had one online class each semester and then our intercession classes are online (traditionals do not have intercession classes). I would guess we would have a lot more online stuff since all of our classes are compact due to our program being 14 months. Again, I could be wrong on that though.
  9. by   clbrown84
    Thank you for posting! You post is some what of a relief. With all the negative posts I've seen, it has been good to see some good ones.
  10. by   Neytiri
    Does anyone know how much the e-book package is or what the price was last year?...the estimated cost is not on the website yet...
  11. by   dannythegreat07
    I just graduated may 2014 from there and i have mixed emotions about the place. At the time i didn't feel like i learned a lot but when i applied it to the nclex and when talking to other people from different schools i felt more confident. The program itself is pretty chaotic, my fellow classmates and myself felt like the professors were never on the same page. Goodluck and congrats