OU ABSN 2018 (2017 Applicant)

  1. Hey there! I am looking to apply this fall for the 2018 OU ABSN program. Any others find their way here yet?

    I am still finishing up my first bachelor's degree but will be done in Dec. 2017. I was told that I can still apply in the fall.

    I am expecting rejection or waitlisted due to the fact that I won't be finished with my degree, and my cumulative gpa is pretty rough. Hoping to have a 4.0 in last 60 and a 4.0 in Science with a pre-reqs completed to give myself a shot.

    Would love to find others on this same journey!
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  3. by   dphom
    Most likely you'll get in or at least wait listed. A lot of people in my cohort entered from the waitlist!
  4. by   ryanph
    Well, I'm a student in the Traditional BSN program, but my cumulative was not very great either and I got in! Your 4.0 science GPA and 4.0 last 60 GPA will look REALLY good. They put heavy emphasis on science GPA, and I'm pretty sure they consider your last 60 GPA more than your cumulative. I have no clue how much emphasis is put on having the degree actually complete by application submission. Good luck, I hope you get in! If not this time, I'd be shocked if not next fall.
  5. by   F_ayres
    I am going to go ahead and apply but I doubt I get in. Cumulative 3.5 and science 3.75. I'll also be an LPN in Dec.
  6. by   Jwalk06n
    That would be amazing. I'm working so hard right now to get myself in the best position possible! Any tips or insight in how the program is?
  7. by   dphom
    If you can do the ABSN program over the traditional, do it! I graduated in July and have no regrets.
  8. by   Jwalk06n
    What was your cumulative? I am considering the traditional as a back up if I don't get in to the absn. But my cumulative is much worse than my last 60
  9. by   Jwalk06n
    It's been a while so I thought I'd check back in and see who all is applying? Applications opened up yesterday and I've already sent mine in so I have a long wait to go.

    My situation has changed a bit so I'm really not expecting to get in this year, but figured it doesn't hurt to try.

    I have a 3.05 (last 60) and a 3.0 science gpa. I have all of my classes done except 3 pending sciences that won't be done until December. I expect that will get me wait listed.
  10. by   SK13
    I just submitted my application a few days ago. My last 60 was at a 3.2 which somehow is about the same as my cumulative (as an early college student I goofed around and didn't take school as seriously as I do now) and my prerequisites GPA is 3.84 with A&P II wrapping up this December. I am a certified phlebotomist and have volunteer work locally and abroad that I hope will offset my cumulative GPA.

    Good luck everyone!
  11. by   Jwalk06n
    Best of luck SK13. I am submitting my application this weekend. Sounds like we have the same background and similar gaps. What is your science GPA? I have been told they go strictly on last 60 gpa, science gpa (not prerequisite gpa), and give consideration to those who've finished their degree and courses (with preference on sciences being from a 4 year), but that they don't consider reference letters, volunteer or work experience.

    I think my biggest thing that'll work against me is how many sciences are in progress. Ugh.

    Are you applying to any other programs? Which locations did you apply to? Excited to finally find someone else that's applying!
  12. by   SK13
    Hi Jwalk06n! Best of luck to you as well!!

    Well that doesn't help me much then because my degree didn't require me to take near as many science classes so technically I only have 1 class from my undergrad, everything else being taken at the community college level. The best we can do is try! I'd have to go back and calculate my exact science GPA but I got a B+ in A&P I which was taken during my undergrad, with A's in everything else taken post-undergrad.

    I applied to the OKC as my first choice and Tulsa as my second. Being from the Dallas area both are still relatively close to home. I'm applying to a few other schools out of state with the same requirements like University of Florida who take references and experience into consideration as well. I'm also applying to a few entry level MSN programs for non-nurses, and of course schools here in Texas but those applications aren't due until January/February and I'd have to take the TEAS/HESI in the mean time.

    What about you? I know that TWU here in Dallas only considers your nursing prerequisite GPA and TEAS scores for those already with undergrad degrees. From what I understand is it's alright to have courses in progress. How many do you have left?
  13. by   denii23
    I'm applying as well! I have all of my science/prerequisites finished all I need now is my degree!
  14. by   Jwalk06n
    That sounds so promising Denii23! Good for you. Which campuses are you applying to?

    I am only applying to Tulsa. I really wanted to apply to all campuses, but my husband doesn't think it makes sense for us to move for my schooling, since his job is in Tulsa and he's paying the bills right now. It's a huge disappointment because I feel like my chances are so much slimmer with only applying to one campus. If it were up to me, I'd apply to every program I qualified for in the country lol. I am so ready to get started.

    Definitely all we can do is try. I am expecting to be waitlisted, but if I can end this semester with A's then I think I should be a sure in for next year if nothing else. Just don't want to wait that long.