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  1. On OCU's website, it says they admit all eligible applicants into their accelerated BSN program. Several threads on this forum seem to confirm this. What's the catch? It looks like a great school.
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  3. by   spirited1
    Hello, I'm new but I'm a texan also interested in this program. It looks great. I talked to an admissions advisor and she told me that they really do accept all students who qualify and apply. It's part of an agreement to help the nursing shortage.
  4. by   sstegich
    Hi guys,

    I'm having my transcripts evaluated for OCU's Kramer school of nursing at this time as well. I was wondering the same thing but found some posts on this site that were an eye opener. A current student is not very happy there and had shared some detailed info about the school. It's very expensive and I hear not many scholarships are available. I'm re-considering my application - check out some other posts, I hope to find out more as well.
  5. by   Mommaof3
    I have also looked into the program and have found that it is extraordinarly expensive (think private college like Platt v state funded) and I have heard that because they're not "particular" about their students that students who shouldn't be there get in and then they wreak havoc on the entire class with their inane behaviors. But this is all just water cooler talk so I wouldn't invest alotta stock in it. But if I were you and truly considering it I would find out whether theres any validation to the rumor mill. JMO.
  6. by   Badger4lfe262
    The catch to everyone being accepted is really the high cost of the school, which you would get at any private university, and that if you can't hack it you will not pass. There is no rounding to percentages and no curve, so even if you are 1 point from passing you probably won't due to the teachers being very strict on the rules. I have been very happy with my education overall (hind sight is always 20/20) I am going to graduate this May. I am not sure if it is this way at every nursing school but my class started with about 48 students and we are now down to about 32. Overall the clinical instructors are very good and want you to learn. If you are planning on staying in Oklahoma for 2 years after you graduate there are scholarships out there for you, the school doesn't really give very many scholarships to the Bachelors to BSN program, but I have no clue about the traditional route. Integris does offer a scholarship that if you work for them during school or sign up with a contract to work with them afterwards you can get money through them as well.

    The BBSN program especially has very high NCLEX pass rates, I believe last year only 1 person didn't pass on the first try. The teachers really try to give you hints on the NCLEX and give HESI specialty and exit exams. Also, HESI gives a review at the end of your senior year to help you prepare. One of the instructors is a Kaplan instructor so she is a very helpful resource.

    Overall if you can get over the money aspect you will most likely be happy if you go in with an open mind and realize that every school has its own quirks.

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   sstegich

    Thank you soooo much for an insightful post. Coming from an actual student there, it helps to differentiate between rumors and reality.

    I haven't decided if I'm going there, since I'm applying to other schools as well. We'll see. I have been accepted pending apply for admissions to the OCU first.

    Badger, I've heard Kramer school of nursing is kicking people out first quarter if they struggle in anything and they don't offer help...!? Is this program rocket science or what? I've heard that faculty are not very professional or helpful and discriminate against people they don't like...This is a mouthful of rumors, but can you confirm any of them.

    Again, thanks for your help and honesty!

  8. by   Badger4lfe262
    Sorry it took so long for me to reply...
    No I don't think that the professors discriminate against people that they don't like. Overall I feel like most of the professors are more than helpful, but there is only so much they can do for you..it's truly up to the student to put in the time required to learn the material well enough to test well. If a student is not doing well in a class and "fails" a test which is getting less than a 75% then they have to go in and have a conference with the professor that teaches the class. Most people that are kicked out in the first semester have failed a class that is a prerequisite to move on to the next set of courses. In this case they are not kicked out simply have to wait to take the class again, though if you fail 2 courses unfortunately you are out.

    Overall it is what you make of it and you will get that anywhere you go. The classes are not rocket science just a lot of material. Hope that helps!
  9. by   sstegich
    Thanks Badger! Good luck with your school and career!
  10. by   veebeeG
    Hi there! I just got accepted to the Bachelor's to BSN program at Oklahoma City University. Despite the extremely high tuition fee, I am looking forward to my term starting in January. I just wanted to know how you felt about the program, and what is the best way to find roommates? Would you recommend staying on campus or off campus? Also, I heard that most students have a car, so that they may commute for their clinicals? Is this true?
  11. by   Stephn28e
    Quote from b-tx
    On OCU's website, it says they admit all eligible applicants into their accelerated BSN program. Several threads on this forum seem to confirm this. What's the catch? It looks like a great school.
    Before applying to or enrolling in any university or college, you can always check out their faculty or school ratings at the web site: ratemyprofessors.com

    That's how I find out about my school before even considering any university. Plus, if you're already going to this university, you can let others know about your experiences.