OCCC Spring 2017

  1. Hey everyone! Wondering who is applying to the Spring 2017 traditional RN program at OCCC? I am!
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  3. by   Traci-LPN
    I plan too. I still need to schedule my TEAS, Compass, and CPM 4 tests. I keep looking for the spring application to be posted online but haven't seen it yet.
  4. by   rcdennis
    I called Thursday to see when it would be posted but i couldnt get an answer. Are you going to take all 3 tests? I only took the compass test for my points.
  5. by   Traci-LPN
    Probably. The TEAS and CPM 4 test can earn up to 6 points right? I think it will be worth it. The application deadline is in September isn't it? I may just swing by and pick up the application when I'm in the city next.
  6. by   rcdennis
    I believe so. Its hard to wait when you want to start now! Lol!
  7. by   Tam3321
    The deadline for the spring is the first Friday in September at noon. They said the requirements should be the same as it was for fall 2016.
  8. by   rcdennis
    Application submitted. I was surprised to find out that they took the compass test out of the points application.
  9. by   JennO82
    I am applying to both UCO and OCCC for the Spring 2017 semester. All of my CPT tests are over 2 years old as of June, so I need to retake those for the preference points. I plan on doing that next Monday and then sending off my application. I love OCCC (I have taken all my pre-reqs there), but ideally I think I want to head straight to be BSN at UCO. I will be happy with either school though! I made a 76 on my TEAS and have a 3.95 overall GPA. I should be applying to OCCC with 18 preference points if I get the max allowed from the CPT tests.

    Best of luck to everyone.
  10. by   Audrey1313
    hi Everyone am applying for the spring but i cant find the application form and requirements online. what is the CPT
  11. by   rcdennis
    Hello, this CPT is the reading, writing, and math exam given by the test center at OCCC.
  12. by   Reenab8
    Hello everyone! I'm applying for spring 2017. I have everything together, just waiting for my last transcript to come in tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you knew what the average preference points were for this fall 2016 program??
  13. by   JennO82
    This is all secondhand (and probably thirdhand) knowledge, so take it with a grain of salt. It's been awhile since I heard, but I want to say it was around 15 with the lowest accepting being a 13. I applied with 14. I missed 2 points by making a 95 on the writing instead of a 96.
  14. by   Reenab8
    You applied for spring 2017 with 14 points or fall 2016 and didn't get in? I'm happy to hear it was 15, I think I will have 18. For the science class preference points it can be any science class right? Like earth science, physical geography, biology?