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Has anyone recieved the confirmation letter yet? I'm a little anxious.... Read More

  1. by   occcstudent2012
    Congrats BB0810, and good luck with Micro this summer !
  2. by   brit57
    BB0810 what, if you don't mind, were your pref pts and gpa?
  3. by   occcstudent2012
    I picked up my letter from the post office this morning
    Now I can enjoy my summer break.
  4. by   BB0810
    Quote from brit57
    BB0810 what, if you don't mind, were your pref pts and gpa?
    20 points and 3.70
    Is there anyone taking micro this summer?
  5. by   occcstudent2012
    I'm not taking anything this summer !
    I've taken all my support classes; nothing but nursing processes left.
  6. by   SsyMOCCCstudent
    Is anyone going to the 1+1 on Thurs? I was alternate #32, GPA 3.1 with 16 pp(needed 1ques to pass the Math test to have 18), and was invited to this program but I'm still secretly hoping i can get in the actual RN program, anybody have any idea what my possible chances are Any info's greatly appreciated!
  7. by   samanthahames
    Congrats to all that made it I know Im a little late on this thread but Im new to AN. I was accepted to the program as well. Cant wait to see everyone at orientation!

    My friend was just accepted to the 1+1 program and from what she said is that she will be doing 1 year at MooreNorman Tech and then she will be able to trasfer into our program during our 3rd semester for the last year of Nursing School. Hope that gives you a little insight.
  8. by   OKNurse2be
    Holy Crap I can't believe with all the time I spend on AN, I totally missed this thread.. shame on me!! Well, anyway.. congrats to all of you that made it into the program! I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with everyone!
  9. by   xlovehappyx
    Congrats to everyone starting the program! Where/when are clinicals? I'm wondering if a car is necessary