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Did anyone else apply for the BADNAP program starting in June 2013? The requirements were loosened up a couple of weeks before the deadline, so I'm wondering how much interest there was?... Read More

  1. by   lordizzy626
    Well I would like to assume that if you have at least a 3.3 GPA and above, and you passed the TEAS decently, you shouldn't have much to worry about. I think the prereqs are CHEM I, Microbiology, Nutrition, A&P I AND A&P II? The rest, I think, would have been accomplished with a Bachelors degree outside the science field. Anyhow, I'm sure you'll be fine. .. Now if your GPA is below a 3.0, and you are still working on completing prereqs.. that is a different story... :/...
  2. by   ADB567
    My GPA is only a 3.12. I wish I could go back about 20 years and take college more seriously. I'm concerned about my GPA, but the admissions guy really seemed to think it would be enough to get me in BADNAP this summer. TEAS was fine (78). I'm finishing my last prereqs this semester (15 credits). I am thrilled about the last minute change in requirements. I have no idea how many of the 90 applications are 100% done with prereqs or still in progress, or don't even meet GPA/TEAS minimums. I think my chances are good, but who knows. I guess I won't have to wait long to find out, at least!
  3. by   okstategirl
    I wish I could go back also and be more focused! Im trying not to stress about getting in. I have all the pre-reqs done but only a 2.9 or 3 gpa. I guess the good news is if we don't get in we all have bachelors degrees so our "fall back plan" is nicer than most lol! Seeing as they changed the admission requirements due to the low number of applicants, I imagine quite a few of the 90 are still finishing up their pre's. That's just a guess, but it makes sense to me!
  4. by   lordizzy626
    Sorry, I didn't mean to give you any negative feelings about your application. My statement was only a guess... Holy cow, 15 credits of science classes is a pretty heavy load. I know you are looking to get them all done, but at this point you really need to take quality over quantity.. lol. You are right though, we don't know how many applications were complete or still in progress. To be honest, I don't even really know about any last minute changes. I just started looking into this program a month ago. lol. So whatever the requirements are currently is all I know. From what I understand the changes made it easier to get in? I know they say this program is a beast, but I seriously doubt it will be harder than the semester I took Neurobiology of disease, Physics II, Cell Biology, and Parasitology, and worked 30-40 hours. lol. That was the worst semester of my life.. Serioulsy.. I think all the accepted people should get together and go celebrate by having a beer. Lord knows we won't have any time to do that while in the program.. haha
  5. by   lordizzy626
    Also, I am pretty sure most of us will get through this program, then work while we go to school to get a BSN and possibly work towards the CRNA path or NP path.... Aim high folks!!!
  6. by   ADB567
    Lordizzy, no need to apologize-- you didn't give me any negative feelings. :-) My 15 credits are not all science, thank goodness! I'm taking 9 of science and 6 of non-science that was not required for my bachelor's. I've been researching the programs since May of last year. Okstategirl-- you have nothing to worry about. I'd bet any amount of money you will get in. I agree with Lordizzy that if/when we get in we need to meet for a beer before the program starts and celebrate!
  7. by   ADB567
    I do not plan on going for a CRNA or NP. I am 40-- by the time I got through all of that I'd either be in serious debt and/or approaching retirement age, haha! But seriously, I really want to be floor nurse. I spent so many years in management in a different industry. I "aimed high" for a long time, but happened to be in a field I didn't enjoy. I may go for my BSN, but have no interest in going any further. One thing I've learned, however-- never say "never!"
  8. by   okstategirl
    ADB, thank you. I sure hope we all get in! If we are concerned enough to search out an online forum we are all pretty dedicated....or smarter than the other applicants so just let us in!! Jkjk...kinda! I would be more than willing to go have a beer....and several if I dont get in hahaha! Hopefully I still get to have somewhat of a social life if I get in :/
  9. by   lordizzy626
    Yeah, I am tired of waiting to find out whether I got in or not. haha.. I am sure I did, but it isn't official until you get that email. lol. Hopefully by next week we find out. That way we can plan to go get a beer or three sometime before the program starts. lol.. I talked to a couple people that went through this program already and they said that the program directors make it out to be scarier and more difficult than it really is. I mean, don't get me wrong, they said it was fairly intense, but these people still had weekend time to hang with their family.. Then again, they are both Science majors who graduated with B.S. in Microbiology and Chemistry.. so they are used to studying all the time. lol.. We'll have to wait and see!!!
  10. by   ADB567
    Never in my life have I wished for a weekend to go by quickly-- until now!! Is anyone else as anxious as I am?
  11. by   okstategirl
    I certainly am!!
  12. by   lordizzy626
    Yes, I am definitely getting anxious as well. Hopefully we all hear something at the beginning of next week.. That would be very nice. Lol. The sooner the better. That way we can all get our outstanding program requirements finished..
  13. by   lordizzy626
    Man all this bad weather that is coming will potentially delay our news! I want it to snow so I can go play, but I also want to find out if I need to start getting my ducks in a row and get ready for this program to start!