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  1. Am curious to know if there are any RN's who have done the Nursing Refresher Course. I deactivated my nursing license several years ago but am considering coming back. If so, did you find the course helpful? Did you have any difficulties finding placement once you completed the course? Knowing what you know now, do you recommend returning to nursing? Loved the patients. Hated the system.

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  3. by   lorettap
    Well i am a reentry LPN and I did take a refresher course and yes I found it most helpful. As far as A&P that pretty much came back to me. I found it to be a great confidence booster! I also did 100 clinical hours and that felt so good to be back with patients. Alot of things have changed, I don't know how long it has been for you but for me it has been 20+ years. I got the oppourunity to work with the new med systems. I also took a hands on refresher course through Kane Seminars( that was just one day) that gave me the chance to do Tx, practice with IV's, catheters etc. Now as far as the job search goes I have sent out bunches of resumes and have gotten 3 call backs went on an interview today and have another one tomorrow. I still think that they are looking at my resume and see the gap and not everything i went through to get back into nursing. But that is ok because I know with patience the right job will come along. Good luck
  4. by   jenmitch1979
    Thanks Lorettap! It's been 10 years since I worked (for pay) on a regular basis, but I did volunteer work through '04. Didn't plan on ever returning and am still ambivalent. However, while working for Walmart has a certain appeal, I can make a lot more $$ as a nurse. Good luck with your job hunt. I know an RN that went back to work after 20 years out (she hadn't deactivated her license, so she didn't have to take the refresher course--kinda scary if you ask me), but she found her niche and has been very happy. I'm sure the same will be true for you. Blessings.
  5. by   TexasNurseEducator
    I think the first step is to make sure you are competent to return and one of the most common ways is to take a Nurse Refresher Course that includes clinicals, so you get the hands on experience. The second issue is the clinical sites themselves. Our students often get hired by the clinical sites and they consider it a win-win situation. Secondly, there is some geographic differences in nursing needs and urban areas are pickier when it comes to what degree you have. So me options also are to look at who has high agency usage. These facilities are more open to extended orientation that a nurse refresher may need. Thirdly, try a LTACH or Rehab Hospital. Lastly, apply for an internship with the new grads that should be coming up.
    Good luck to all you seeking to return. There are jobs out here and we need you back. For those that have not taken a refresher course it is well worth it. You can look on this site and others for info as we are not to advertise on this site.
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  6. by   jenmitch1979
    I certainly agree that a refresher course could be a good thing--problem is, I have heard that the one Oklahoma offers pretty much sucks. Still, I am not a bashful person and have no problem seeking opportunities to be introduced to new methods, new equipment, new meds, etc. On the plus side, OK's Nurse Refresher course does include 80 hours of clinicals which I'd like to use to explore a couple of different units (specifically ER, OR and/or L&D).

    I have a BSN and have worked ICU and Home Health, with the majority of my experience in HH. I have zero desire to spend hours on the road again. Nor do I have any desire to work LTACH or Rehab. I am specifically looking to develop a new skill set and don't mind working at or near the same pay that is being offered to new grads. At the same time, I have no doubt that my learning curve will be short and I will be working independently more quickly than a new grad. And, though recruiters aren't allowed to ask, it should be obvious from my age (almost 50), that some of the complications of younger nurses (pregnancy, small children at home, etc) are behind me.

    That said, I have no desire to spend the time and money taking a refresher course, only to be turned away or recruited only by the local nursing homes. I am sure that I would be welcomed back to HH, but that would fail to serve the goals I've set for myself, and still wouldn't make me any more attractive in the clinical setting.

    Thank you for your insight and encouragement. I think my next step is to contact HR offices within an hour's drive and simply ask if they are hiring nurses in my position. If not, it may be time to seek a different career path.

    Thanks again.
  7. by   TexasNurseEducator
    How is the job hunt going. Did you apply at clinical sites? Update your resume to include clinical hours as experience and classroom as education? If not do this. It is harder for the LVN than the RN as most hospitals are not hiring LVN into clinical positions. May consider going back to school or nursing home or outpatient settings with less acute care patients.
  8. by   jenmitch1979
    I actually haven't begun job hunting. I did sign up for the refresher course and, so far, it has been a waste of good time and money. I would be embarrassed to have my name attached to much of the written material used in the course. Misspellings, typos, exercises with conflicting or absent (and important!) information--seriously--it's completely unprofessional. I do think that there are some things I can learn from the material, but either I'm much brighter than I gave myself credit for, or their standards are much lower than they should be given how basic the information has been to this point. Very disappointing. Maybe they'd like to hire me to rewrite their material when I'm finished?

    (I am a paid writer.)

    Good luck to other seekers!
  9. by   TexasNurseEducator
    I think you make some valid points and seem to have experience at that skill set, like proofreading. But, also consider that the programs have to constantly update material and are often overworked doing multiple tasks with constant interruptions just like in many clinical settings. Wish there was enough money to get everything we would like to do done. How much do paid writers charge? I might let you look at some material for me if you are seriously interested. I just updated my ACLS instructor and the material had numerous errors also so, I know it is a common problem for small businesses. Hey, maybe you should market your skills in this arena.
  10. by   jcrowder
    Hey JenMitche- if you happen to check back you mind sharing what refresher course you took? I'm looking at several- a couple in my area that include clinicals but are $1200-2400 (with no guarantee of work for someone returning to work after 10 years). I was also looking at several courses offering just online review- it would be nice ot know if the one you used is one with the problems (I'm not a writer, but hate stuff like that). If you want/can send me a direct message and don't want to reply here that's fine...but your objective feedback on your course material and whether it helped you secure a job would be useful to those of us considering re-entry or taking one of these courses!

    Thanks for your consideration.
  11. by   fltnrse2
    I am 22 hours from completion and here are my comments. In my State there are only 3 collegesthat give the course, and although the material is the same the schedule for lectures can vary. Before you begin your 180 hours of clinical I suggests that you actually meet your preceptor. In my case my preceptor was overbarring, and passive-aggressive. I was miserable. It is also an expensive,check with your local Vocational Rehabilitation office. I took the class because I wanted to take another class which required a current license
    Good Luck!
  12. by   fltnrse2
    Dear Texas Educator,
    I have finished the didactic portion and all but 22 hours of my clinicals, then I was dropped from the program. In Texas where do you stand or is it even possible to move to another site to complete the clinical hours. I would like to have your input. FLTNRSE2
  13. by   fltnrse2
    I would tell you were there is a good course but sinse I was dropped 22 hours from completion all due to a pac of lies from my preceptor.