Looking for Financial help or Tution Fee for Employment after graduation

  1. Hi All:

    Like most of the other viewers, I graduated in Computer and worked as a
    software engineer for 2 years...finally decided to move on to Nursing for a
    thousands of good reasons (at least I think so...). I had been accepted for
    BS->BSN program in Kramer School of Nursing from Jan 2007.

    Now, my question is about the funding for my studies. I am currently living
    in CA and had no idea about the hospitals and grants that are available in
    OK. I have heard that I could get the tution fee paid if I promise to work
    for a hospital after my graduation or of similar nature. Does anyone has
    information about such programs ? I would really appreciate your help.

    Looking at the tution and other fees, the total cost for my BSN would come
    to 45,950 plus living cost in OK. It would be great if I could get full grant
    but if that is a little bit of stretch, any partial help would be nice.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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  3. by   sunnyjohn
    May I also suggest you call up a few hosptials and plead you case directly?

    Talking directly to an HR director, nurse recruiter and nurse manager may help.

    Go in dressed for an interview with a written proposal of what you are willing to provide in exchange for a tuition grant. If you can't go face-to face, send a detailed (but brief) e-mail AND letter!
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  5. by   marilynmom
    I know for a fact that Integris and Mercy will pay $2000 a semester. If I were you and going to a private school I would go talk to them anyways and state your case, it wouldn't hurt! Plus they might have other ideas for you as well. I've talked to the lady at Integris Baptist and they are SO NICE!

    Good luck!