How is the job market in Oklahoma City or Tulsa?

  1. I was just inquiring information on how the job market is in either Oklahoma City or Tulsa when it comes to a new graduate BSN. Really tough time here in NYC obtaining entry position as a new graduate so I was thinking about relocating.

    I know obviously the pay is less but so is cost of living; my main point is to come and get at least 2-3 years of experience. And a drop in pay compared to NYC does not really matter to me.

    However, does anyone know the starting rate for a new graduate nurse? Would be good to know.

    Thank you all ahead of time for the info.
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    I don' think you'll have any problems getting a job. Just know BSNs do not make any more money tHan ADNs. You'll have more opportunities later on, but if you're looking to be staff RN in a hospital, they're paid the same. I believe new grads will start off at around $20/hr. What specialty are you looking at?
  4. by   BZou
    Thank you for the information Jen. Yeah ADN and BSN generally don't get any pay difference, the hospitals here some might give 1500 extra if you have a bsn, nothing major. It is good to hear from someone that the job market is acceptable there though. Any more information from other people would be greatly appreciated. Kind of wanna get all the info before I make a decision like this. Thanks.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    However, does anyone know the starting rate for a new graduate nurse?
    The majority of the OKC-area hospitals are paying new grad BSNs in the $19.00 to $20.50 range per hour.
  6. by   dannythegreat07
    I'm a new grad working in a OKC ER with a BSN and make 19.13$ base. A friend of mine started here with a an ADN and started at the same in December.