Hillcrest hospital gives TCC nursing students a "gift"

  1. Wish they did this for all nursing programs in the city!


    New nursing students at Tulsa Community College each received a $1,200 gift from Hillcrest Healthcare System this week.

    Hillcrest presented each student with $500 in textbooks and reference books, another $700 in electronic books and references, and a rolling backpack to carry it all.

    The gifts, handed out Tuesday and Wednesday, helped Hillcrest recruit students at a time when nurses are at a premium because of a nationwide shortage. Already, about a third of the new graduates that Hillcrest hires come from TCC, according to Hillcrest.

    "It's always good to get your name out there," said Eric Burch, chief nursing officer of Tulsa Regional Medical Center, a part of Hillcrest Healthcare System.

    More than that, Hillcrest wanted to make it easier for more students to become nurses, he said.

    "We don't want anyone to drop out of the program because they couldn't afford books," he said.

    Hillcrest gave materials to 106 students.

    With the donation, students will only have to buy one or two books a semester, said Ann Anthony, associate dean of nursing.

    Student Cherish Carden said she had not considered working at Hillcrest, but now she wants to get more information. The books and backpack let her know that Hillcrest cares about nursing students, she said.

    Carly Bodley said the gift would leave her more money for food and rent this school year.

    Other local hospitals and the Tulsa Hospitals Council also support TCC nursing students, Anthony said. St. Francis Health System is paying full scholarships for 10 students this year, she said. St. John Health System licensed practical nurses are getting further training at TCC to become registered nurses.
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    If they gave their staff half that they wouldn't have to schmooze the students.
    Don't be fooled by this SINGLE act of generosity.
  4. by   LanaBanana
    That's kind of how I felt. That's almost $130,000 that they could have put towards increasing salaries that would attract the new students. Or even paying the CNAs better so that more students would work there as a student and want to stay when they become a nurse. They paid more than a dollar less than St Johns for CNAs. That turns me off from wanting to look there for a nursing job. But I know there are others who love the hospital despite low pay.
  5. by   TurismoDreamin
    I was one of the students that got this backpack with all the goodies inside of it. It was a very generous gift and the hospital spokespeople were equally generous to us.
  6. by   callie7
    Hello I also attend TCC. I think this was a cool gift. I however did not receive one of these precious gifts. I'm really not sure why the LPN to RN bridge course students were left out of the equation. So what was in your goody bag anyway? What semester are you in? If you don't mind me asking.
  7. by   LanaBanana
    Hey Callie! Welcome to the board! I'm currently in the LPN program at Tulsa Tech and plan to go either to TCC next summer or fall for the bridge or wait a year and go to OU for their bridge. How do you like it so far? Do they have it set up where all of your classes are on the weekends and online? Thanks!
  8. by   TurismoDreamin
    Im in Level 1 of TCCs nursing program. We got all our required books and the backpack. Basically, the only things we needed to buy was out foundations book and the two packets and thats it. Saved me a bunch of money. Aside from that callie, I think only the Level 1 students received this gift from Hillcrest and not any of the other levels.

    And I see some of you are bridging over. Good luck to you guys cuz I personally can not motivate myself to do the work with online classes. I guess it works for some n not for others.
  9. by   OURN83
    I'm a level 2 nursing student at TCC. I just want to say that I think it's really cool of Hillcrest to give everyone in level 1 free books and backpacks. I think they should have done so for everyone in the nursing program but that would be a whole lot of money so I understand and I'm just happy for ya! Good luck