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I found out last week that I was accepted at Oklahoma City University, but found out today that I can only get $12,500 in loans and it will cost $13,000 more than that each year. (already have a... Read More

  1. by   sjt9721
    Quote from Bolus of Courage
    Yes, I have considered the military as well. My husband is military, so I just don't know how that would all play out.

    I am planning on going either the ADN route OR BSN OR LPN to RN. I am not so concerned with having a BSN since I already have a Bachelor's.

    I am only a few classes away from all the pre-med requirements. Wouldn't it be weird if I got into medical school, but couldn't get into nursing school? :spin:
    You have gotten into nursing school! And thinking about medical school...have you seen the price tag for that?

    Be a nurse!
  2. by   warmspirit
    Thank You For Replying To My Message About Kramer School Of Nursing. I Am Very Sorry To Hear That You Can't Afford To Go. I Completly Understand Your Point. I Stuggle With The Idea Of Initiating Another $40,000 In Loans When I Already Have Student Loans From My Undergrad. People Tell Me All The Time That I Have Nothing To Worry About Because I Will Make Good Money As A Nurse. That May Be True But I Will Be Paying A Lot Of It In Student Loans. I Want This , But I Also Want To Be Smart About My Financial Decisions. I Am Definitely Not Giving Up And You Shouldn't Either. Definitely Pray About It. Lay It All Out And Tell God Exactly What You Want And Ask For Guidance When Doing So. I Am Going To Explore All Of My Options And I Will Use Ocu As My Plan Z.

    I Thought About Francis Tuttle Also But Because Of The Amount Of Time I Have Invested Already, I Don't Think I Want To Spend Another 18m To 2yrs For My Lpn When I Can Have My Rn.

    To Each His Own. Be Encouraged. And Keep Me Posted
  3. by   Simpleplan
    I had to get every loan offered then take out a HELP loan (loan offered to health students). I now owe close to 80 thousand. $6000 is in Perkins loans, something you should look into. These are loans offered by the school to people in fields of high demand. The state will cancel a portion of the loan for every year you work in that field. (Like nursing).

    Anyway, I will probably be making payments on my loans until I am 60.
  4. by   Lmart16
    Quote from Bolus of Courage
    I found out last week that I was accepted at Oklahoma City University, but found out today that I can only get $12,500 in loans and it will cost $13,000 more than that each year. (already have a Bachelor's, so we are only talking two years here, but still!) That would be $26,00 in loans PLUS $26,000 in private loans, if I could even secure them. I can't see graduating with a second Bachelor's with $52,000 of debt!!!

    So, it was nice basking in the "I GOT IN" thing for a few days, but now I am back to reality.

    I don't know what I am going to do now. I think I am going to apply to
    Francis Tuttle for their LPN program then add the RN on later somewhere else. (UCO, OU, etc.)
    I know how you feel. Tomorrow is orientation and I also got into Oklahoma City University - and I live in Louisiana! I owe $22k from my undergrad degree and financial aid will only give me $14,000 a year. Now I need $60,000 plus living costs to get me through the next 14 months. I don't know what to do, and I still haven't found a place to live. All my private loans have been denied as I can't ask for my parents to cosign for me. What do people without rich parents do for school? It's not our fault there are no jobs for our first degrees, so why make us pay it back? B/c you can actually FIND a job with nursing, it seems they're just going to milk it out of the privileged. Do I apply to other schools for May? Do I go to OKCU and just wing it? So lost...
  5. by   avtech
    I know everyone's situation is different, but I can't comprehend having that much debt for any degree. My wife and I both work full time and don't make a whole lot, and a have a child. I'll graduate with my adn, and then work for a year while saving for my bsn. Then i will work while completing my bsn. I know it isn't ideal to work while going to school, but just think about graduating with little to no debt. That's what keeps me going putting in 70-80 hours a eel between work, classes, clinical, and study time. Is there a whole lot of family time? No, but we look at it as short term sacrifices for long term rewards. I would urge everyone to at least consider it. Loans are a rip off with the amount of interest they want u to pay for getting an education. I wish u luck in your endeavor.
  6. by   StephieRN_1216
    Oklahoma University is RIDICULOUS with tuition - is there not ANY other nursing program, even ADN you can get into here? I know there are tons.... without putting yourself in serious debt at graduation. OCCC is the #1 two year in the state (pass rate) and it's only around 1000 a semester!!!! of course, that's just the program itself but still! at $70-ish dollars a credit hour, it's still not expensive including any concurrent prerequisites.
    If your dead set on BSN, you can always bridge after getting your RN it is very simple to get into the RN-BSN programs and you will be able to work as a nurse while going to school
    Good luck!!