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Thinking about moving to the OKC area and I am trying to figure a budget for the place. My credentials are as follows:


3.5 Years experiece Med/Surg

Charging experiene 1 yr (included in 3.5 years in Med/Surg)

ACLS certification

Any ideas on what I would start out at in the OKC area as far as pay with these stats?

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Hi and welcome to AN, the largest peer to peer nursing network. While I can't answer your specific question, I'm sure someone will be along soon that can help you out. Glad you joined!


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Not sure where you are moving from, but the cost of living is said to be less in Oklahoma. Although I do not work in OKC, I am a nurse in Oklahoma with several years of Charge experience. New nurses typically start out around $20 an hour here. I would suspect you may get $21 or $22. Do a search for some of the OKC hospitals and do a job search. Occasionally they post the wage on there. Of course, nurses in specialty areas will make more just like anywhere else.

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New grads at most OKC hospitals earn in the $19 to $20 hourly range, so with less than 5 years of experience I expect the OP to be offered in the $21 to $23 range per hour.

I attended nursing school in OKC, but I wouldn't want to live there due to the spectacularly low pay rates for nurses. I live just south of the state line in Texas and earn $35/hourly with a similar cost of living as OKC.

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I moved to OKC in 2011 and at the time I had just under 5 years of working experience (I have been a nurse longer, but I had employment gaps due to having a child and relocating due to husband's work). They offered me $22/hr plus some change. This was for a clinic job, so no holiday, weekend, call pay etc. I almost decided to continue to stay at home, but decided to accept it because floor nursing was out of the question at the time due to my childcare situation.