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Ok..I'm just going to stop trying to plan for NS!!


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Hello everyone!

I decided that I wanted to be a nurse while I was pregnant with my 3rd child, around the middle of 2005. I gave birth in January 06 and started my pre-reqs in Fall 06 with a plan to start nursing school in Fall07. All went well in Fall06 and everything was on schedule until 2 weeks into Spring07. There were some problems with my financial aid and I had to end up dropping out of school until I could correct the problem. Ok no big deal this will just put me back a year. Long story short I ended up changing schools and started this semester on monday. So now I was looking at a NS start of Fall08 but of course another issue has come up. My new school will not accept the develpmental chm class I took at the other school in place of high school chm. So now I have another pre-req to complete before I can even apply. Luckly I have to take this other chm class for the bsn. But now I am looking at a start date of spring09!!

I have decided to just stop planning my start date and just take all pre-reqs for ADN and BSN and then apply to ADN program. Who know how long that will take!

Sorry for the long rant but I needed to get it out of my system.(My husband is beyond tired of hearing it:)


RN hopeful-20??

Hey...if anyone understands the frustration of things not going our way, it's us!!!

I started my pre-req's in 2004 and in December of that year, got pregnant with my daughter. Long story short, it switched my schedule dramatically. I have learned to do the same thing...not plan, but just know eventually I'll get there!!! I'm hoping to start my Nursing classes in Spring of '08.

Good luck to you. Sorry to hear you need that extra class...that really stinks!

I know exactly what you are talking about, things do not always go according to plans. All I know is that I will eventually start nursing school in about hopefully 2 to 3 years!!!

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