Ok, I need help from anyone willing...


Hello everyone.

I am a 20 year old mother of 2 girl, one is 3 yrs my other is 3 months. I am looking to hopefull be an RN one day. I was wondering if anyone knew of any online programs or degrees for CNA, LPN/LVN, or even an RN. With my hubs hours at work and having a 3 month old that I nurse I just need a way to get something from home. I am more than willing to do the work and clinicals but I have searched and searched or anything online thay will help me later to get my RN degree.

I am frustrated at the moment, but I want to better myself, do better for my family, and also be able to help others.

Thank you to everyone who has some information. :redpinkhe


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The problem is clinicals, necessary for CNA and LPN courses. You can do distance LPN to RN programs that have different clinical requirements, but just about all healthcare requires a clinical practice requirement. Suggest you start out by looking for CNA programs that are at night or on the weekend that could be done while your husband is home with the kids. Adult schools are a good bet for this option. Good luck.


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Hey, thanks....

Yes i know there are clinicals which is fine with me.. The problem is hubs leaves the house at 12pm and doesnt get home untim 2-3 am... He works in the coal mines that has a hour and twenty minute drive there so thats where I get stuck is his hourse and having my daughters...

There is an online degree in Respiratory Care that is accredited and there is clinical protion. I thinking of starting this program and when my girls are in school bridge over to an RN if possible.

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A CNA course can be as short as a week. You should at least start there.


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You could do daytime school. They are usually 8-3. I know it is hard putting babies in daycare, but you can usually get some kind of childcare assistance if you are full time student. (You probably will be needing some form of childcare once you start work anyways.) I waited till my daughter was 1 yo and weaned before I started LPN school, but you could always invest in a good breast pump and send with your baby. I went back through Excelsior College for a distance LPN-RN...I've just got CPNE (weekend clinical test) left before I'm done. It isnt easy, but it can be done!


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western governors university has an rn program completely online with clinicals set up as needed. i dont know any of the details but check out their site andf see if they have something for your needs. good luck!