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Ok so this is BS

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Nurse of 12 yrs Rentering acute care after being in LTC 7 yrs and having severe anxiety. My preceptor was being so critical and never gave me any positive reinforcement. So after 6 weeks of feeling defeated I asked to be with someone else( I should have done it sooner but was trying not to make waves and give them a bad impression.) Anyway the 2nd preceptor I was only with for 5 shift gave me a positive review and the released me on the floor on my own. Been on my own 3 weeks now and have had severe anxiety bordering panic attacks this is a very busy step down unit and I'm a little rusty but my brain knows I can handle this but my body doesn't. I can't control the anxiety. I need up calling out Monday due to it. I met with my manager because I reached out to her about my anxiety and was thinking maybe the training wheels came off too early and I may need a bit more training. Well her response was I'm not hearing from anyone that you aren't doing a good job, from what I see it's a confidence problem so I'm extending your 90 fay probationary period another 30 days and if I miss one more day I'll be fired !!! My first absence was for a resp. Infec. Which I had a fever and they forbid anyone to come with a fever and the anxiety absence made that my second. I'm trying everything I can I made a new pt psych appt but I made it 4 weeks ago and it's over a week away. My primary gave me xanax but it's not helping. I think it sucks that I'm being punished and not assisted. What do u think?

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Xanax is not treating your anxiety..it only masks the problem. If you're going to take a day off, then we use it to see mental health professional and get on a real program. Good luck.

You have complained in several threads about this job.

Either it's time to find a different one or it's time for you to suck it up and deal.

In all of your posts, it's your mental state that's the problem. Utilize your coping skills. Actively look for the good in your shifts.

Be proactive and exercise, meditate, and do fun things in between shifts.

A mental health professional will be able to help you cope, but YOU can do a lot on your own to make your situation better.

When people compliment you or tell you you're doing fine, BELIEVE them.

Remember your strengths and build on them.

If you truly can't tolerate the unit, walk away. Give yourself permission to escape your torment.


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OP, I noticed your previous 2 or 3 posts were similar but were all in the time frame of 3 weeks. It seems like they are all telling the same story, possibly reflecting that you are spiralling in sort of a rumination overload.

Im not a therapist, but try to focus on what you are feeling- try to specify actual feelings amidst all the generalized anxiety.

You need to get a sense of where you are at to navigate to a better state.

If you have more specifics on your experiences it may help you to express them so we can possibly give you more constructive feedback.

Hang in there.