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Ok to apply for two jobs in the same department?


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Hello. I recently interviewed for a public health position. I feel the interview went well but I won't hear back for a few weeks. The same department has a new position posted on their website( that is very similar to the the job I interviewed for). Would it look bad for me to apply to this new job? I want to be considered if I'm not selected for the job I interviewed for. Thanks.


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Yes, Please apply to seperate online position--- with electronic applications, each candidate is tied to posted position. If not the same Manager, one would never see application ---especially if Mgr does own screening due to HR overload.

Good luck.


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It's totally fine. That's exactly what I did. Got rejected for one position but got the other. :) They don't even have to be in similar fields.


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Thank you I appreciate the responses. I'll apply for the second position.