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  1. by   OUstudent
    You will need Sociology (you did not mention that). THey do not offer it online but Sinclair Community college does.Be sure you take the right course because it took me about 3 weeks to figure that out on my own.OU requires 112(3 quarter hrs) (@ sinclair)but it has a prereq of 111(3 quarter hours) at Sinclair. However SOC 120 is both of those classes and 5 credit hours!!!!! This took an act of Congress to figure out! I decided to take the 5 credit hour one because if you ever go to grad school you may end up taking Intro soc OVER....ugggg.Also I needed more free elective hours so it helped. I am finishing this program by:
    using my lower divison from a diploma program with NO college credits,
    prior course work for the university requirement for an ADN progrm(I took before I pulled out and went to a diploma program out of state)
    Course work for BSN completion at this same college
    Filling in some blanks at Sinclair Community college online(cheapest tuition in Ohio) I am taking sociology,history all online
    Other blanks again at the prior 4 yr college(I will end up with an AA prior to graduating from OU with an emphasis in health information technology)
    All 12 courses at OU plus I took intro to ethics there...I did well but what a pain...all tests and they are tricky!!!!!!!! The non nursing classes are 10 weeks online
    THey offer the nutrition class in the winter intersession(as well as other times but if you have a tight schedule..like I do.. you welcome the opportunity to get a class over in just 3 weeks!) the class is about $1500 though I believe
    Junior level comp is a TRICKY requirement to fufill and makes NO sense to me... You can not even register until you have 90 hours and you write TONS of papers before you even get in that class! You MUST learn APA format...OWL Purdue is a great reference. PERRLA online is a cheap program that for about $20 will help you set up your title page and running headers but that is about ALL it is good for. You do not even have to use this format often(i.e title page) I have completed 5 courses and believe I may have been required at the most 3 papers in this format. None of the papers are extremely long. If you work for a big hospital it helps because you have access to tons of information you basically have to spit back to them after minimal research! I think you get out of it what you want. I find it very interesting and easy,but not so easy that you will not be able to use this for a springboard for a wonderful career. Ou is a great school!
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    By law OU has to transfer in anything D- or better. I just found this out. I had just stoped going to a class(this was in the 80's I have matured) because I was moving out of state and going to a diploma program. I have a 3.9 at OU..I have changed...but useful information to those of you that were told by OU they will only take a C or better....You need to challange that .This was advise I received from another 4 year college(where I got the D in English 112)
  3. by   OUstudent
    There is NO clinical requirement. They have an A and B sequence. New classes start every 5 weeks except for Christmas break which is about 5 weeks! There is a winter intersession but there are no nursing classes offered then. They recommend you only take one class at a time if you work full time. I took the intial NRSE 300 and then "doubled up". (i.e I am doing both the A/B rotation).I actually got special permission to add another online (non nursing class) and did extremely well in all three and work full time. Yes I spent a LOT of time on course work. I would rather be miserable over a shorter period of time instead of dragging it out one by one! By the way Health Appraisal(B rotation) that started last week and again in October on the A rotation is a class you can test out of. You pay the same as taking the class and you earn a letter grade that figures into your GPA. I understand you can choose to take the class if you are not happy with your score(grade)
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    No foreign language requirement
  5. by   OUstudent
    I actually think (someone correct me if I am wrong) that you will not get a good picture(in writing) for what they will require of you until you are actually taking NRSE 300. I feel like they have to prioritize and if that means recruiting,getting you accepted and started and then utilizing resources on students that they actually KNOW are in the program that is how they fly!
    OU is an in demand program. The program is not something you do overnight.. therefore you must be patient.
  6. by   OUstudent
    You will not find the timeline any faster than what they quoted but I can assure you they are working on it. Be patient...good things come to those that wait!
    I was there...it is a sllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww www process.
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    First...if this is your first online class experience there is (I believe) some information about this type of experience. IF not there is plenty of info on the net(tips like having a dedicated spot to study etc)

    Second you are NOT super woman so if house work has to be less than your usual expectation no one is going to die from that or having a faster prep meal
    I set my computer up(laptop) on my dining room table. RIght in the thick of everything. From there I can still be a somewhat domestic goddess and actually spend more quality time with my daughter(while she studies there as well).

    I bought a school planner
    Put all the contacts in for your instructors and teaching assistants
    Every week dillegently write down all the expectations for the week in the planner because you could have a quiz one week and not the next
    Generally each course has a bulletin board post due on Friday(but you can and should post before) Then you respond to 2 of your peers
    Be careful with these posts...you must use in text citations if you use any sources. I find getting the posting done first then moving on to other assignments is the best priority.
    Of course you will have reading assignments and often short lectures to read before you post (otherwise you probably will not know the content to the depth of what they expect)
    Every week you usually have a paper or an assignment you write and copy and paste into a document. All of these are APA format.

    You should use a refeered source OTHER than your text in every paper.
    Here is the tricky part...the instructions for the assignments especially the papers are in mutiple places
    Always look at these locations
    1. The module for that week under "assignments"
    2. Announcements
    3. Grading Rubric and follow it to a "t"
    4.Question and answer board
    5. The assignment document(if there is one for that assignment)
    Because that is the hardest thing pulling all the information about what is required together in one place...OU has not figured that out yet.

    Another tip....monitor the discussion boards for comments from your TA's
    Everyone of them will participate in the board and often give tips of their expectation of the BB

    You will need to email your Ta's at the beginning of the week about any questions that are specific to you on the assignments other wise there is a question and answer board for each course under each week that is extremely helpful
    ORDER YOUR BOOKS ASAP...because that is the thing that I have seen students struggle with. If you dont have it the first week and have not attempted to locate them the course maybe be half over before you obtain one.
    VITALSOURCE online books are cheaper...
    I rented an online book from Barnes and Noble for the Ethics book
  8. by   OUstudent
    I meant to say there is a paper(sometimes 2) that you write OR write and put in an assignment document(not all assignments have this type of document that lets you copy and paste into before submitting).
  9. by   OUstudent
    OOOPs I meant I am graduating June 2012!!!! lol
    Also you can take Stats simultaneously with Research but that is the LATEST you can take it
    I know someone that challenged OU for previous math work that had the content of STATS(that they require) in it and did not have to take Statistics!
  10. by   OUstudent
    I apologize I thought my posts were going to be as replies to other persons questions so this may be confusing if you do not know to whom I was replying!
  11. by   mtsteelhorse
    This is GREAT information...thank you! I find their website for hard to move around. I haven't started yet and I'm a bit nervous about their format. I sent you a PM...thanks for your help.
  12. by   VinoLover2030
    Quote from chuckster
    Yikes! If this is the timeline to hearing anything from OU (2/4 to 3/24 is roughly 7 weeks), I won't get a response until about the second week of April. That's a long wait with not much buffer time to an 8 Mar semester start. I can only hope that that DAR won't have any unpleasant surprises.

    Well now I did get confirmation emails that they had received my transcripts and I had been admitted prior to the 24th. By 2/7 they had gotten my application. By 2/18 they received my transcripts.3/16 I was accepted into the program and received my online orientation course.OAKID password creation to sign into OU email and black board.I called on the 23 stating I didnt see where to sign up for classes. Office told me they had just recieved my initial DARs. I asked that it be emailed to me that day.That is my time line. I am currently waiting for an updated DARs
  13. by   VinoLover2030
    Thank you OUstudent for being so thorough. This has opened up alot. I kind of felt like I was searching around in the dark and this has shed a lot of light. I have taken Soc 111 @ Sinclair. I did get a D in that course( I checked the other day) I hope they come back with some better analysis. I took english 1 &2 @ sinclair as well. I already have A&P 1,2,3. A bunch of chemistry classes from another degree.Math classes as well.Im going to go over my classes with a fine toothed comb. I dont plan on taking more classes than what I need.