Looking to start classes again this year.....

  1. I have been looking into BSN programs and comparing 2 so far, Western Governors Univ and OU. Does anyone have any advice as to which one may be a better choice as I know everyone usually researches programs prior to choosing.
    Thanks for comments....
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  3. by   target98765
    I was seriously looking at WGU, but I can't seem to come up with the tuition money up front. I have tuition reimbursement, but I would still need to come up with the money. WGU looked like a great program!! I loved that they didn't require the math classes that many places do. It is nice that you work at your on pace and that is awesome. I am probably going with Aspen University because it's $250 a month which I can reasonably pay.
  4. by   MissyNik
    Thanks for your reply target98765. Yea I see that all of these online programs seem to be similar but there are usually some small differences either in classes or the tuition. Tuition for me is #1 as well so we will see.
  5. by   Acria
    WGU will be a better choice for someone who is able to study as many classes as possible within one semester. Because they have a flat fee for one semester for as many classes as possible. This will be ideal for someone who is not working or who is really smart that he/she can crunch as many classes as possible. In that way, you can finish faster and save money too.
  6. by   lucy100
    I get worried about (WGU) paying for the whole term upfront then feeling pressure to crank out classes. I am seriously considering OU, depending on how many classes are needed the costs may be very similar.