1. Just finished my 1st semester for the RN-BSN and now need to look into the fine arts, junior comp, & nutrition electives. Any input from those that have taken them would b greatly appreciated. R they doable doubled with an RN course?
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  3. by   rninme
    I did business comp with the old legal/ethics class. Was only doubled up for 5 weeks because I took the test out option for health assessment. It was busy - lots of writing but it is a writing class. glad I did it with legal which was a breeze. No input on any fine arts or the nutrition class. I took all of those long before OU. Look for threads on here - some posters just finished up with music and nutrition.
  4. by   moosemedic1
    I did electives at western oklahoma state college, they have 10 day intersession classes online, and reasonable $. I saved a lot of time.
  5. by   woodsyny
    I just took Anthropology through Western Oklahoma University 10 day intercession and just started the nutrition 10 day intercession there today. Less than $400 for a 3 credit class in 10 days
  6. by   zdtgal
    These 10 day classes are excepted by the RN-BSN program?
  7. by   woodsyny
    Do you mean 'accepted'? Expected 'yes'. Yes OU takes credits from western oklahoma. You need to get it approved by your advisor. Lots of nurses have taken their electives here.
  8. by   zdtgal
    The RN-BSN course will accept their credits?
  9. by   woodsyny
    Yes they will
  10. by   mtsteelhorse
    Yep, but make sure you email your advisor to be certain. And save the correspondance! It can be a busy 10 days but worth it IMO.
  11. by   woodsyny
    Oh yes you are right do save that correspondance! I got my classes approved by my advisor before i took them. Good way to get electives out of the way. Lots of work in 10 days but better than being in class for 5-15 weeks especially if you have a boring subject!
  12. by   jandm855
    Just finished the 10 day intersession Anthropology class at WOSC and it was totally worth it!!!
  13. by   woodsyny
    I did mine intercession one,it was a lot of work but it is done, and just finished nutrition there. 6 credits out of the way in 20 days !
  14. by   cincinursemary
    I'm taking 2 general ed courses required for the program at Cincinnati State. ( Freshman comp and Nutriton for a Healthy Life). I'm finding they are moving way too slow. After a year of OU classes, I find myself wanting them to pick up the pace. The assignment for the first week of Nutrition was to read 2 chapters and post on the DB an introduction of yourself........ that's all..
    I'm thinking that if they continue to be this easy, I might add in a Nursing class in Session 3 of the Spring Semester. It would be 3 classes to work on for the 5 weeks but, at this pace, it would be not so hard.