Who's Hiring New Grads???????

  1. I'm creating this new thread for all of us new grads out there who can't get even a phone call from HR. I'm going on six months now, and scared at all the skills and info I'm loosing! PLease help us out by posting any positions you know of at your place of work, and if you work somewhere that has recently hired a new grad, or that just know will hire a new grad. Much thanks.
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  3. by   kadell
    where are you in Ohio?

    Cleveland clinic is still hiring
  4. by   JaqRN
    Thanks, I'll check that out.
  5. by   Xavier97x2
    I am in Toledo and have applied to every place that said they were hiring but only one phone call. Are LPN's taking STNA jobs? That would explain it but I am just wondering whats going on. We were told in class that facilities are always looking for STNA's but I am experience the opposite. Is this normal?
  6. by   JenPen2332
    I just accepted a positon for a NON PAID internship at a local ICU. There is no garuntee that you will ever be offered a job, you have to pay for all these background checks, drug screens, any vaccines, physical, ect...and work nightshift. At the end of this you can pat yourself on the back and put it on your resume, hopefully to get a job someday.
    Wait, why did I accept this again?
    The only saving grace is that it's ICU. My love. And I'm hoping this may take some of the costs off of my new grad status and I can talk someone into hiring me someday along the line...

  7. by   ionatan
    What? Maybe hospitals in your area don't want new grads, but have you tried nursing homes? They are usually always hiring.
  8. by   stepkms
    Hi, I am a new grad also (April 09) I got my license in July. I have been looking for a job in Ohio and have yet to get a call. I must apply for 5+ jobs a day. I'm afraid I'm loosing my skills. It's very scary to not be able to get a job. I'm starting to think you have to have a connection to get in anywhere?
  9. by   **All Heart RN**
    Good Samaritan in Dayton is hiring new grads and just hired a few last month (however, their ICU and CVICU is not hiring new grads at this time).
  10. by   stepkms
    Thanks for the tip, I'm looking in the Akron/Cleveland area though. I just keep putting in tons of applications daily, and praying...lots of praying:spin:
  11. by   blackcat1113
    I am in the same boat....I have someone in the ohio health network that is a resident and it has not helped at all to know someone! I moved here from PA and had to turn down a position there....it is so frustrating.

    Applying since March and haven't even had one phone call
  12. by   calledtodo