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Hello to all, I have been accepted to Bryant & Stratton for the semester starting January 2007. This is an ADN program. I do not think that it is accreditated (sp?), and I am wondering if... Read More

  1. by   VinoLover2030
    wow $30,000 is abit pricey. If you are willing to shop around there are other schools you can try. Good luck though
  2. by   Janinern84
    with my experience working with the students at my hospital are they are not good clinically. i am a new grad and i feel as a student i was much more prepared than these students
  3. by   RNstudent86
    Depends on the student. Ive seen BSN new grads that are horrible clinically. You can't categorize all B&S grads in with the crappy ones.. In my cgraduating class we have a range from smart and competent clincially and others that are rock dumb. Students of any program differ in skill.

    The decision for me to go there was for no wait list.. I want to get into practice now.

    And B&S is scheduled for the accredidation approval in January.
  4. by   LfmVigilo
    Bryant and Stratton is now Nationally Accredited. I will be attending in September.
  5. by   jazz404
    Where do they have their acccreditation from? I see that the Willoughby Hills campus is on candidate status for NLNAC. Was that the one you were referring to?
  6. by   LfmVigilo
    Yes, that is the campus I was referring to. I didn't do any searching, my admissions counselor told me they were nationally accredited. I go for more papers Friday so I'll be sure to update directly from her.
  7. by   gmRN08
    Please do be very careful of what the "admissions person says" they are the sales people to get bodies in the seats and that is thier only JOB. I did graduate from B&S and can speak from expierence when I say they told us the same story but once we were in the door all stories change and the famous statement beomes we are not responsible for what they said becomes used quite often. Several class mates discovered Metro will not hire from our school becuase we do not have accrediation. I was in the school while they were trying to establish the criteria to pass so I am fairly aware. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN CHECKING- I made the mistake of relying solely on what they said. it is A LOT of money.
  8. by   jazz404
    Good advice gm - I was accepted to the Parma branch of B&S for last fall. They told me up front that they were accredited - when I continually pressed them, they changed the story and said they were in the process. Does Willoughby Hills getting accredited mean that Parma is also? I don't know, and I wouldn't trust them until I confirmed it with NLNAC.

    Luckily, my name came up on the wait list at Lorain CCC so I didn't have to deal with that anymore. I can't comment on the academic side, but I was really put off with being lied to by the front office people.

    Good luck LuyshuZ - congrats on getting started in NS!

    btw - I did see the Willoughby Hills campus on candidate status on the NLNAC website - you could contact them for more info.
  9. by   gmRN08
    Does Willoughby Hills getting accredited mean that Parma is also? I don't know, and I wouldn't trust them until I confirmed it with NLNAC
    That is one of the things I think is kinda "off" the way Parma does not stand on its own. I am not sure how this is going to work. The fact is they are listed as having candidate status but it states clearly that does not guarntee certification. I am just saying to be very discerning when it comes to what is told to you for the purposes of getting you to sign on the line.
  10. by   LfmVigilo
    Where they are referred to having candidate status is not the most updated click on the option for accredited schools and you will see the most current:

    Bryant & Stratton College-Willoughby Hills Associate Willoughby Hills Campus 27557 Chardon Road Willoughby Hills, OH 44092 Nurse Administrator:Victoria Bowden, MSN, RN, APRN, BC Director Email:vbowden@bryantstratton.eduPhone 440)944-6800Fax 440)944-9260 Accreditation Status: Year of Initial Accreditation: February 2008 Continuing Accreditation: Last Evaluation Visit:February 2008 Most Recent Action: July 2008 Next Evaluation Visit: Spring 2013

    http://www.nlnac.org/Forms/directorySearch.asp Go to the link and put in ohio it will be the second school. I believe Parma stands alone and the accreditation does not carry over to them
  11. by   LfmVigilo
    Thank you Jazz, what is your current status? Are you still attending?
  12. by   jazz404
    I'm at Lorain County Community College and fast approaching the half way point of the program. I can believe how fast this is going!

    Have you started at B&S? How's it going?
  13. by   LfmVigilo
    Yes, I started last week everything is going well so far. I know it feels great being half way finished! Yay. How are your clinicals going? What rotation are you in?

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