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I have worked at a hospital for over two years where the staff has always had the choice of wearing one of two colors or mix and matching the two. This including nursing and support staff. Now all... Read More

  1. by   goodgrief
    I think each specialty having different colored uniforms is a great idea. I personally don't like when people call MA's nurses, or respiratory therapists nurses. It's easier on the patients, and it's really all about the patients. The patients could have a harder time identifying a nurse by a big badge if the nurse if far away or if the patient can't see as well. But a solid colored uniform is very easy to identify.
    I'm just glad that being a male nurse, they don't make us wear dresses with the little hat. I'll take all white any day!!
  2. by   schroedie
    interestingly, i have a copy of that same article you have referred to. the admin at cchmc is reviewing the dresscode policy here (pretty much right now anything goes as long as it is appropriate and not teal - the OR staff color) for nurses. i certainly hope they dont change it. white is not a kid friendly color. besides being puked on, pooped on and any other assortment of wonderful things, white scares kids. the people who were giving their opinions clearly dont believe in white coat syndrome.

    personally, i think facilities should make sure they have appropriate identification for their employees and it wouldnt be so difficult for someone to figure out who the nurse is. we have badges that you CANNOT miss that identify as RN, PCA, HUC etc and all the docs here wear white lab coats. the only way someone couldnt identify you as a nurse is if they dont see your badge or dont care to look.
  3. by   jwildman001
    I believe a nurse should be able to wear any nursing uniform they want. As long as it is in good taste and maintains a professional look. I have all my tops made by my wife that way I can have prints that are masculine but also portrays my personality.
  4. by   FireStarterRN
    At my facility the RNs and LPNs wear navy blue and the techs wear maroon. I like navy blue, it's crisp and professional looking. I like the fact that all nurses are easily identifiable so when I'm in a different part of the hospital I instantly know if I'm talking to a nurse.
  5. by   PuppyLuv1978
    At CCF, most nurses are required to wear all white - and then the rest of the staff have other colors: NA are green, phlebotomy are red or gray, PT is black, etc.
    I've heard that it makes it easier for the patients to recognize who is the nurse and who isn't.

    I would prefer not to have to wear whites, but I don't really have a choice.
  6. by   PE-RN
    I agree to differentiating the nurses from the rest of the staff. I've agreed from day one about that, however there are better ways then to wear white. It just seems that no one in management wants to hear it. We have our bonuses taken away from us and no PTO accrual for the next pay period, DUE TO ECONOMIC HARD TIMES. However during the same economic hard times we are still required to purchase all new uniforms and undergarments. In addition to that, just to keep the whites white, we are going to have to purchase additional laundry detergent. I guess the hard times are only OURS....... Unfortunately it has pushed me to the point of removing myself from the profession that I love. I do not have to work as an RN to make a living; as nursing was my second career. I just chose to do it, at lesser pay, than my first career. Maybe some day, nursing management will take their heads out of their back sides and realize that maybe the staffing shortage is because nurses happens to be the least satisfied work force. Thanks for all your comments......
  7. by   Belladonna19
    We are moving into a new facility in November 2009 and the higher ups have stated we will have a color code. Yes, we were sent surveys asking what color we want to wear, each e-mail was sent specifically to nurses, cnas, etc... The facility has now given us a color code based on our preferences. Nurse: White and/or navy blue. CNA: ceil blue only. Secretaries: khaki pants and burgundy polo tops, etc... I really don't know how this is going to help, but I am will to try. I guess their is some kind of research out their that says, it works. Soon the problem will be getting the pts to understand who is what color. I hope they send out a color chart for the pts. But what about color-blind or the elderly(color perception changes)?