RN to BSN: Cleveland State or Ursuline?

  1. hello everyone!

    i'm currently an rn with an associate's degree and i was wondering who had the better program between csu and ursuline's rn to bsn program. i know ursuline is a little bit more expensive, but they have 9 rotating classes that begin throughout the year, while csu just has one in the fall.

    i've noticed that alot of people go to ursuline after they graduate from tri-c. i'm just curious to know if they know something i don't know? maybe csu gets kinda full with the one program per year? maybe ursuline has a better program?

    anyone have any experiences with either of these schools? heard anything about them?
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    I don't know anything about either of these programs, but I know quite a few people that have done Ohio University's RN to BSN program online and really liked it.
  5. by   AgentBeast
    Last I looked CSU's RN-BSN program required 5 years experience as an RN. Which would explain why many recent Tri-C grads choose to go on to other colleges and not CSU.
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    i don't live in cleveland but a large part of my family does and i was looking at moving but the economy tanked...anyway, i could never get anyone at ursuline to call me back. csu was great in responding back and i hope once i get my rn to get my msn in forensics at csu.
    my grandparents live right down the road from ursuline, that is why i was thinking about applying there but they are more expensive and didn't return calls or emails, so if i were to move, i would pick csu. just my two cents...oh and two family members went to csu and loved it. one about 20 years ago and one about 5 years ago.
  7. by   FLboundBSN
    DON'T go to Ursuline! They are robbers. I inquired about their program. I did all my homework online and what they dont tell you is that you need to take about 30 credit hours of THEIR classes which are bs classes that wont help you with nursing - totalling about $25,000.

    My recommendation is to go to CSU. I have been accepted there. No nonsense, no extra religion classes or cultural classes, although you need one cultural class for the BSN. I am currently going to Tri-C and will do my 3 years nursing at CSU.