RN Programs in Ohio?

  1. Oh my I wanted to know if anybody has heared of this new nursing program called
    "Breckinridge School of Nursing" at ITT in Hilliard Ohio? I have been trying to get in nursing program for I can get my RN done at CSCC but there is so many classes I have to take before I can apply. There is a waiting list of 2 years because it is so cheap will not take any new people for until 2014.This new school is called Breckinridge Nursing@ITT. I just don't know what to do, the cost is very high , but I can get in this program. What to do, What to do? Have anybody ever heard of this program before. I read all the information on the Ohio State Nursing broad, new school only been around for 2 years....Help please let me know...
    Thank you
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  4. by   AgentBeast
    You would be much better off completing your prereqs and getting into the CSCC ADN program. You might also consider taking some form of remedial English course, or an English as a second language course.
  5. by   DJAYS
    Oh I am sorry but I have a degress in business already at CSCC. I just didn't want to take all those prerequired classes and wait 2 more years . I didn't know that half the programs don't have (NLN) in Ohio. I would love to get this over, so tried of all these degress and only work as a tech now. I need to get my RN done for I can stop the school train...It seems to me it's not where you go to school, but who you know. Got a lot of my nursing classes done, thought I wanted to go for LPN, which was a joke . I never finish because I made more as a tech , but I did get a year worth of schools done...Help so sick of this school train...need to just get my RN done...What to do, what to do,
  6. by   BlackhawkRN
    ITT? Run away!